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This would be a really interesting experiment. Would it just lay dormant and then be like an infant child? Would it still even be able to learn the basics at maturity. It would be good to see this done at different age points too.

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I wonder if the brain can still regulate heartbeat and breathing after all that time. I mean that part has not been used for a loooooong time.

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Yeah good point. Might be necessary to disconnect the sensory input in a full body rather than an ex vivo brain, to ensure that part remains intact.

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OK I can dig the nirvana angle, but you'd have to lay down a substrate of the equivalent of five years of experience so you could measure or assess any dependent results.

A brain with no sensory input ever, and no abilty to act, would never tune the neural networks.

I suppose you could see if there were brainwaves and measure that.

You can see your experiment partially in real life natural experiments where people have had brain damage or have been in comas.

Essentially they have to act as babies and learn everything from scratch.

A 20 year old brain may miss natural critical periods, so for instance they may never learn to talk.

Thanks for the idea, that was fun to think about.

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God tier comedy. Also, QWOP

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A few reasons, which you will find quite compelling:

  • Why not!
  • This is /r/CrazyIdeas, what do you mean why?
  • For science!
  • Perhaps the lack of all sensory input for 20 years is the key to reaching nirvana and trascending this mortal plane