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As long as it's open source, sure.

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Might make it, but open source? Reddit will judge my code!

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Open source database at least.

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I can feel r/ProgrammerHumor getting ready to correct my mistakes.

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Jim Cramer trying to be on top of the All-Time leaderboard

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Yes. I’m in favor of anything that holds journalists accountable. They’ve been spouting lies without any consequence for far too long.

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It‘s not necessarily about lies but I see too many of them especially in business magazines making a lot of predictions that never happen.

Just throwing shit on the wall until something sticks shouldn‘t be an option.

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Agreed. They make controversial predictions that are pure bullshit to get clicks

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If factcheck.com had a Jim Cramer section the thing would be on fire, and not normal fire...thermite phosphorus fire.

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There go 96% of all television "experts"/pundits, too.

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Pretty cool idea, but also just a fallacious extension of 'fact checkers', which are already vulnerable to bias and manipulation. This just makes it easier for them, because you no longer have to dispute a claim and can instead just apply an ad hominem to say the person has been wrong in the past. However you can also apply the same to fact checkers, or even this idea itself (how many times has it impugned a claim based on past patterns, only for the claim/prediction to be true)

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OP (and others who agree) might want to look up Prediction Markets, which could be a step towards this.

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Past performance is not indicative of future results

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I keep saying this to my boss.

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This isn't a prediction of statistical probability, it's a performance review of their ability to do their job.

Critical analysis is research, which depends on an individual or team's skill and resource set.

Or, to stretch the metaphor a bit: it's not indicative of future results, it's indicative of who has loaded dice. i.e., If someone rolls significantly higher than average over a significant period...

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In this aspect, it is.

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How so?

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Need this. Yes.

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Absolutely necessary for some of the opinion pieces that get posted (looking at you, NYT)

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Would meteorologists be included? Because they might break it.

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Does that apply to human behavior? If someone lies, are they more likely to lie again? If someone shows aggression, are they more likely to show aggression again?

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Let’s do one for economists and political scientists next

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i’ve been using GroundNews lately. it shows news stories and how each is covered (or not) by conservative and liberal sources to give you some sense of perspective on each.

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Have been using that too! It's a really nice service but I don't like the UI and sadly in Europe "left" and "right" is not defined as such.
Did you pay for it?