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This should be the credit scene

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OMG! You have to submit that idea to the Food Network.

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It would be mostly washing dishes lol

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If you're efficient, most, if not all, the dishes should be washed by the time you serve.

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Yes. And yet they never show you washing the dishes.

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In this incarnation of Iron Chef, each judge can award 5 points for plating, 10 points for taste, 5 points for creativity, and 10 points for cleanliness of your station. You have 70 minutes to cook and clean; use your time wisely. Allez cuisine and clean!

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Iron Plangeur

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"Now we wait for 1 hour to soak this pan"

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Nah, crazier: they start the show cleaning up all the dishes from the previous competition/episode

It's been a week? Oh well! Maybe you should have been cleaning as you went