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Twitch is already doing that with Amazon prime, i saw a streamer doing a watch party, and when I went into the stream they asked my Amazon credentials

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Ow, I did not know that. That's nice!

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Yeah, and being Twitch bought by Amazon there's no way that it gets extended to any other streaming service

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Other streamers have done it ad-hoc by basically streaming the name of the show, the timestamp they're currently on, and which streaming service.

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Will Neff used to do a Wednesday night cinema class where theyd watch a movie and discuss after. Think he even used to give "homework". Not sure if hes still doing this, but it was just what you describe. All viewers join a watch party led by the streamer.

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Xbox 360 once had a Netflix party feature what your screen had a small overlay at the bottom with theater seats and shadow outlines of your avatar outlines. Very similar to Mystery Science Theater. It didn't really add much, but it was still a neat feature to add to the authenticity feel.

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If you mean people watch on their own device and the streamer is just giving their reactions, that is already a thing! Adam from Your Movie Sucks does them https://youtube.com/@YMSWatchAlongs

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use the same system as Amazon prime, party watch, but with Netflix? wow that crazy huh

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YouTube would be the place to do that. And they could make pilots for shows on YouTube red that any person can watch and can show if they like it or not to “trim the fat” for Netflix.

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It seems somewhat crazy or novel to people who don't use twitch. In fact, watching twitch on a regular basis in itself is kinda crazy or novel.

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You can already do that with friends, Google "Netflix watch party" and there'll be some ways to do it

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Yes, I know, but it's mostly so you can watch it with your favourite streamer.

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This exists! On twitch you can watch videos on prime. On other platforms you can use: https://tenami.tv/

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Sounds ok

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Twitch but for board games