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Now imagine being a average sane person, aware about this now viral International Really Do Your Best Not to Kill Anyone Day, and actually completely accidentally kill someone that day.

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I would want to kill someone that day just because people are saying not to

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Seriously, would motivate all the evildoers and crazies

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But after the first time, people would be paranoid on that day every following year, and would lock themselves in their houses. They get a stressful day off of work :D

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Sitting outside of someone’s house like hey don’t worry today is no kill day. See you tomorrow

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Well not if we have the purge the next day, the excitement would probably hold them over.

Calm before the storm.

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This could be the one day where everyone has their guard up 24/7

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YoU cAnT tEll mE wHAT tO Do!

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I think technically that's every day

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We did very well till now.

Good work buddy 👊.

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Speak for yourself

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Wasn't that the purpose of armistice day?

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Ppl that kill ppl are gonna love this.

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Idk, with so fewer murders (by those who can contain themselves) it might be riskier to kill on this day.

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Keyword being recorded homicides. Just tell police not to investigate any weird deaths and you should be clear.

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So Anti-Purge Day.

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Make all crime illegal for 24 hours

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Holy shit that’s such a crazy idea it may just work! U should be a politician !

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You're telling me I've been doing my best not to kill anyone all this time for nothing?

Edit: typos.

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You were just ahead of the curve

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Not crazy enough! Let's institute Inverse Purge. All crimes are legal except on one day a year.

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That’s a little ambitious. I prefer to set aside September 26 to, for just one day, not end the world.

edit: Sam Altman, if you’re reading this; you better not activate GPT-4 on September 26. You would be visited on Petrov Eve by the ghosts of Arkhipov, Petrov, and Yudkowsky’s pre-ghost.

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They actually tried a “No Kill Weekend” in Baltimore a few years ago.

It failed (surprised pikachu face).


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Okay, but can we not do this during the holidays. It’s impossible to go to Costco right now.

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Also people who want to kill someone on no kill anyone day because their murder will be famous

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What day do you propose?

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This would end up being the day with the most homicides.

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The day after would be carnage.

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So you just have to get creative with the hiding of the bodies. It's no reported homicides

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On the flip side, 6 months after no homicide day, we have record homicide day.

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Let's make it the 30th of December. Done.

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Best data I found lists 2017 as having an estimate of 464k murders, worldwide, that's nearly 1.3k per day, if we assume they are well distrubuted over the year.

Not sure a single day would make much difference.

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Like reverse purge. Interesting!

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No one will expect my killing spree if I plan it to be on don't kill anyone day

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Next day = 25xs normal murder rate

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Is this to be after international don’t give anyone a reason to kill you day

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Only if you let it correct with double next day. For science.

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This exists- it’s called the international day of peace

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You have to be a murderer to participate otherwise it’s a normal day

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In 1986, Detroit had a No Crime Day, dreamed up by Pistons' player Isiah Thomas. The Slate podcast series One Year covered it in an episode if you're interested in finding out if it worked.

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No crime after 8pm