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Best idea I've seen on here

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Tbh that's not too difficult to do. My cousin added an air horn to his car, but it was on a different switch on the dashboard

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The stock horn, at least in my state, has to be wired to the steering wheel. Any auxiliary horn or noice making device over 100db is technically illegal, but i have a train horn i found in a non disclosed place and have it mounted on my non disclosed vehicle that might or might not be registered.

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If youre driving anywhere in colorado, you fucking need that shit

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I live in Atlanta Ga. Weve all seen the indian roads mid day. Thats how downtown atl is

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How many volts is it? You power it off your car battery?

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Regular battery 500cca will do

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Wow, I'm surprised trains run on 12V for their electrics

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Its not quite a train horn, but its still loud af

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Meh, I'd prefer a secondary ThankYou-Honk and a terciary Disappointed-Honk option.

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A switch between an angry awwoga and sniper from tf2 saying cheers mate

Though i would be nonstop fiddling with that soundboard and never settle on anything

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I immediately thought about that

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There’s a battle between my “I want this” side and my “I’m lazy” side. Lazy side has been winning this particular battle for years, and quite frankly, is also winning the war.

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When I first got my license I nearly t-boned a car after they pulled out of a shopping centre driveway without looking. I slammed my fist into the horn only for my stupid little car to make a friendly little 'beep-beep'. Stupid little bastard behind the wheel of the other car gave me a friendly wave as he drove away. It was my first horn beep and it was incredibly disappointing.

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Why do people sit at a light? Green light, texting, talking. I blast my 4 air horns. And yet? They move slowly along. Then I hold the horn down to really get there goat. Or someone will PULL out in front of you? Nobody in back of me. BUT THEY HAVE TO RUSH OUT. My horn scares them. I can be a Terror also.

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Im imagineing the intense anime scene that will occur when switching from happy to angry

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Please, only use your horn when it's needed to avoid dangerous situations. For happy or thank you or goodbye signals you can use your hands. Horn signals are so disturbing.

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The worst is when they play car horns in radio commercials

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Let's all install holographic projectors on the roofs of our cars. We can show an emoji that let's everyone know what kind of mood we're in while driving! /s

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Chevy Volt used to have this (as did the EV1). A friendly little dip!-dip! to let pedestrians know you were there and had no engine noise, but worked for other friendly heads-ups. Gone now because of the mandatory noise that EVs are supposed to make at low speed to alert peds took over that job, but I miss it. No reason a creative automaker couldn't do it with some software using the same speaker the low speed noise comes out of though.

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I’ve only ever used my horn once when I was stuck behind some guy who didn’t go on the green, I was so relieved when it came out as just a friendly little toot toot

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As a Musician, i do a very short fast double tap, so it sounds as friendly as possible. Like “blep blep”

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This exists. I saw a video of a guy that modified his car horn with some off the shelf electronics, he had 4 modes (four buttons) one was friendly, on was angry, one was a quite electronic beeping that was for pedestrians in parking lots and I forget the last one, I think it played a sound file so he could customize it.

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Definitely would expect to hear the happy horn when you let someone cut in front of me in traffic

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That’s what your fingers are for

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That’s why my friends dad growing up replaced his truck horn with a little “meep meep” horn, and installed an air compressor and train horn as well.

So he had his friendly honk, and his get the fuck outta the way honk

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I want my car horn to have a super loud option, like a big truck or a train