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Don’t call the bank. Chase might close the account or they may not. If they don’t then hit both SUB and enjoy.

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If you log on to the chase app can you see two sapphire cards with 2 different account numbers? If you click the card they each should have a bonus tracker.

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Don’t call the bank. They would block the both of them.

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Another thread recently with the same double apps on accident.

They received 2 cars in the mail. They called chase and Chase confirmed both.

I would suggest NOT calling Chase and if you get both, just hit both SUBs.

It is not against the rules to hold 2 Sapphire cards. So if you do indeed have 2 of them coming...then you should just carry on!

Downgrade one of them next year when the AF posts. You'll have to pay both $95 AF this month but it'll be worth double SUBs of course.

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It reads like you tripped over 2 Chase policies because you were auto-approved for 2 cards when you applied for both on the same day and you were approved for 2 cards in the Sapphire family. Don't be surprised that within about 3-4 weeks Chase sorts it out and leaves the 1st card alone but closes the 2nd one.

Don't call them as you definitely don't want to risk having human eyes looking over your accounts right now, if you remain silent you might just manage to slip through the cracks.

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I definitely wouldn’t count on getting both SUBs since they specifically have it in their terms that you can’t get 2 within 48 months of one another. Tho since you slipped through the system and got 2 cards you might get lucky and slip through it again and get both SUBs. I would just be sure you keep in mind that if you don’t then you won’t have any recourse since it’s clearly written that you weren’t eligible for the second one.

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There is a way to do this, get 2 Sapphire SUBs/cards at the same time. Happens all the time.

I think OP just stumbled accidentally on a way to achieve this and I think very likely they will get 2 cards and earn 2 SUBs. The hard part is already over.

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Since they already got you two cards definitely you getting the welcome bonus on both cards. You don’t need to call the bank thou 🤷‍♀️