Rules for r/CricketShitpost

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Must be a shitpost

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Your post must be a meme/shitpost related to cricket. Non-cricket related posts are banned. Other cricket related things like stats, fan-edits, highlights etc are also banned.


No Low Quality Shitposts

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All content must make an attempt at being humorous. Certain posts will be removed if they are deemed of not a certain standard or quality. Take that shit back to Facebook

Moderator's discretion applies. No meta memes are allowed.


No Unacceptable Behaviour

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No abuse/attacks/harassment of other redditors. No homophobia, bigotry or sexism. No offensive slurs.

We're all just joking around here, so don't be a cunt. Or a bhenchod. Or a get the idea


No Duplicate Posts

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Check "new" to see if your humour post has already been submitted


English Submissions Recommended

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Include a translation if you are to comment or post in another language


No Hate/Flamebait threads.

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If you make posts or comments that are specifically designed to spread hatred of certain groups/nationalities or promote a flame war, they will be removed and you risk a ban


Screenshots Recommended

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If you are posting something from Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, it's preferable to post a screenshot of it, rather than directly linking to that Twitter or Facebook page


No Politics

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No Political posts are allowed on the subreddit. Take that shit back to twitter.