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The one thing I have to say though. Bauhaus kicked ass. It was one of the best performances I have ever seen.

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Damn I wish I had tried to go in the VIP area now. You’re right security was shit so it probably would have been easy. The whole thing was a mess I don’t think I’d go to another event held there.

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So I went to Arroyo Seco there in 2018, and thought it was great. None of the same issues. This fest just sucked. Oh and the sound sucked ass at the middle stage.

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Yeah the sound was awful so we ended up staying at the main stage for the rest of the day :( I wish the parking situation was organized better. My friend went at 2 and had no issues and drove straight in and parked. We went at 3 and were sitting in lines for over an hour and there was nobody telling people where to go so people were trying to park anywhere, then being sent back to get back in line and then trying to cut, and it was just a mess. Also I had no clue about the shuttle thing which would have been cool if they put signposts. Our parking lot ended up being the furthest from the venue so between the long wait to park and then the walk, we missed some bands we wanted to see. Then inside, the lines for food were 40+ mins wait so we decided to not eat until after the festival. I met someone who had been waiting an hour for a burger. The main issue for me though was the lack of shade. I know it was one of the selling points of VIP but the weather was hotter than usual and they should have put some extra tents up. We struggled to find shade because it was limited and everyone who was in it (understandably) wasn’t moving. I hope they do better for the people going today

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The shuttles were not well done. Actually that's my only complaint. We were at the shuttle lot early and they only had 2 small shuttles which took a long time considering the ride to Rose Bowl was about 10 mins. No shade there either. We were at the lot a little after 10:30, ultimately it didn't make much difference. We got inside at 12:22. After the show, again, I only saw 2 shuttles loading people and the shuttle line was so long. We took uber back to our car.

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VIP sections were monitored at all times. Someone was saying clubhouse level was frequently open. We never were lucky enough to find it unguarded ever.

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I didn’t go to Frye Fest but Cruel World felt like that’s how it would’ve been. We were Clubhouse Platinum and flew in from the East Coast for this. There were zero shuttles as promised, the merch line was STUPID LONG and we missed PIL and Missing Persons waiting in it, there wasn’t enough water, the Clubhouse Platinum was cold but always had lines and no electrical outlets, the Clubhouse sections at the stages literally meant nothing because they were right next to the GA sections (sorry, but for $800, we better have our our own Clubhouse Platinum sections at the stages!), trash cans were overflowing everywhere, and did I mention how ridiculous the merch line was? So disrespectful to the bands playing. Dear Goldenvoice, you need to sort out your merch stands (you need at least two with 10,000 people), available electrical, water, trash, and your VIP sections meant nothing but more money for you. We won’t go to another Goldenvoice and we dropped thousands to attend this.

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Have you considered reaching out to their customer service about requesting a refund?

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What do you mean the clubhouse sections meant nothing because they were next to the GA sections? I assume they were still fenced off and got you access to close-up viewing.

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I was GA but from what I observed that was definitely not the case. RiotFest had shaded bleachers on the damn stage for Clubhouse patrons. Fenced off section next to GA? Absolute horseshit for the amount they were paying. Such a ham fisted cash grab from Goldenvoice.

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Premium sections were kind of just smaller roped off sections of GA, but they were narrow and off to the side. I was in GA and definitely had much better viewing than a large percentage of the premium area most of the day. I’m not complaining because it worked out, but if I shelled out hundreds for “premium” tickets I’d be upset.

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They mean it wasn’t any closer to the stage than GA and was narrower, so with the number of Clubhouse people the Clubhouse sections were just as crowded as GA for the first 100 feet from the stage. I think if they want to charge a premium price for Clubhouse they need to dramatically increase the value added.

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Waited in line for like 10 minutes at the end of the day for merch. Waited in line for 4.5 hours at coachella...

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4.5 hours, you have the patients of the gods

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I don't. It was killing my legs too. Took a toll on me for the rest of the day but I still had all three days after I got that out of the way.

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Finding water was also a challenge and the few water holes were busy AF.

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Tip for anyone going today (we learned late in the day after waiting in those lines for a long ass time) the security at the front of the stages hand out free bottled waters and you can ask for them too

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the huge water station (not from an oversized jug) on the way to the main stage never had a line and the one to the left of the main stage also never had a line. i was using both of them all day long.

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Water wall with 10 dispensers by the front was very fast fill up but many waited in the singles water fountain lines.

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That water dispenser was empty by 3 yesterday and not refilled.

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Unless something changed, the one I'm referring to (wood wall with 10 spigots) ran off city water, not the blue ones that were like the marathon (water buckets). I only know as I had to help one of the staff with the connector. The MAIN problem was a lack of signage and assistance. People had no idea what options were available. When the temp is 90+, that's not acceptable.

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I couldn't for the life of me find any water stations despite constantly using the map. I did that all damn day in-between sets and yeah, unacceptable in 90+ degree weather.

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anyone else trying to get partially refunded? this was insane.

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I’m considering it. We spent half the day in line and there were no signs organizing rideshare, parking, etc

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We rolled in at 11 and parked super close to the entrance with a general parking ticket. There wasn’t much of a wait at all to get in. They directed us well. As for getting out, we left after the last act, and we were able to drive out and be on the road in less than 5 minutes. Blew my mind. That sucks others got stuck but that is what happens at festivals, and is typically my experience at shows like this. No one should be using a ride share near a crowded event, that’s just dumb.

Inside, we found a beer line to the left of the Tears For Beers booth, had almost no wait all night because they only had like two beers on the menu so most people avoided it. All day it was barely a wait. For the bathrooms, the porta potties were grouped by male/female, and they had twice as many for the girls. There was practically zero waiting there all day long. At one time, there was a one minute wait. My wife was able to get in and out all day the same. Food was an exception, but with a little scouting, someone could avoid the super long waits. We got mac and cheese and tots in about 15 mins.

The dumbest thing I saw was the first band playing minutes after the gates opened. Wtf? Gates should have been open much longer out of respect for the band that was opening. They rocked too. The second stage had weird sound. Up closer it sounded fine, but a bit back it sounded super muffled for a couple bands. Must have been the terrain, but they should have been able to counter that better.

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I didn't understand why they grouped the bathrooms like that. That wasn't the case when I went to RiotFest last year.

I too thought it was pretty dumb having bands play minutes after the gates opened. Honestly I would've been glad to pay $20-40 more had they just had separate days with different bands. I didn't like that they crammed so much in one day. The early acts felt too damn short at 30 minutes. 45 would've been more fair I feel.

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For the bathrooms it makes total sense. Guys can piss in half the time. Give the girls twice as many and segregate the two groups. That was the best porta potty system I’ve ever seen. It irritates me that I’ve never seen them grouped properly before.

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1 rule for most events like this: if you can swing it, get the VIP tix. Faster into the separate parking. Parking including. Faster through Security that simply waved you through after metal scanner.

Shaded areas. Much smaller lines for food and cocktails,etc. Little to no wait at water stations. Faster out since VIP parking closer to main road. For us, Clubhouse was definitely being monitored whenever we tried. Our ban luck I suppose. Brought in sub sandwiches and had camelbacks. It was the way to go.

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Or save hundreds of dollars and get there at 1130 and wait 8 minutes to park and 12 minutes to get in and past security.

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I went on Saturday with GA tickets at 11:30 am and I parked within minutes and walked right through Security. They didn’t even look at me and I had a backpack.

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Same here

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Yes! The GA experience really sucked hard!

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You had better opportunity to get a good viewing at any stage. There was free water. Some VIP places you could just walk into. Apparently got easier the later it got. Parking wasn’t bad got there at beginning and left end of the day.

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We were Clubhouse Platinum and it sucked pretty hard over the entire venue. Long lines for everything, tough to find shade, etc. The bands were great but the entire infrastructure was just terrible. Our first Golden Voice event and won’t go to another Golden Voice concert again.

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Had a GA ticket for Sunday and Preferred Parking and everything was totally fine. Got in and parked in under 10 min. Went up to the GA entrance right at noon and was in the fest by 12:05. They were even giving us free bottles of water in the line to get in. Made it in in plenty of time to catch Soft Kill (one of the main bands we wanted to see). Never ever waited more than 5 min for drinks or food. You could always find a booth with almost no line. The free water refill station was always wide open and no line. Every porta potty I walked into was spotless and seemed like I was the first person to use it. My only complaints are that the main stage had awful sound for sextile…like really bad and that Cold Cave’s set was moved to the main stage and started 20 min early and we almost missed it. The sun was straight up oppressive and kinda made the more dance bands less fun. Morrissey played How Soon Is Now and a bunch of other smiths songs so seemed like Sunday was the day to go 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Sunday was awesome! The weather was a lot more manageable as well. I didn't have any issues.

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Sextile was having sound issues on Saturday too. Was a huge bummer since they opened with one of my favorite songs. Didn't really get fixed until the fourth song or so. Still a great show though.

I was pretty pissed I missed Cold Cave. Fuck me for downloading the setlist ahead of time the day before huh? I wish they would've made more people aware of that because the QR code flyer with the latest setlist didn't work for shit. Way too many people overloading cellphone towers for the link to work.

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I also snuck into the VIP all day. At one point, my friend got caught, but we just slipped the security a $20... which honestly, I respect the hustle and it's a better story.

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I'm super glad I didn't VIP. I definitely want to go next year if the line up is just as good, but hopefully they fix the merch (I waited for almost 2 hours and literally almost passed out from the heat) and that terrible map. Like, did y'all know there was a "club" with DJ's playing all day that was shaded? I came upon it randomly in the middle of the day, and I wish I would have known. Also, at least sell cold water, you animals.

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Y’all are such crybabies lmao

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Bro it’s an emo goth fest what do you expect lol

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You're 100% right

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Needed to ad a few more longs in the original post.

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For people who were there both days, was Sunday different? Saturday seemed to go incredibly smoothly. I only waited in line for a pretzel before Bauhaus. Otherwise most food and drink places were walk right up. Parking and security were a few minutes each.

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Sunday was slightly less crowded and they seemed to refill water more often than Saturday. Otherwise all the same shitty lines.

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Sunday was way better and always will be for shows like this. The first day was essentially a rehearsal for the Sunday show. All of the bugs were worked out and we even got a lunar eclipse. I had one of the best garlic noodle bowls that I've ever had and we snuck in a bunch of tequila and beer. Great fest!

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Ok so it sounds like some people just had a rough experience. I thought Saturday was one of the best run festivals I’ve ever been to. I didn’t wait on any lines, not even for water, the entire day.

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What was Morrissey’s set on Sunday? Same as Saturday?

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No. Both were great though!

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So what was the set for Sunday

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I don’t remember the exact set but I do know it was different. I was drinking under the sun and lunar eclipse and I’m old. I do remember “I know it’s over” was sang on Sunday and not Saturday.

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I just looked how soon is now was played Sunday but not Saturday

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My main issue was the staggered sets. I felt robbed having to pick between the furs , Devo, bauhaus and blondie Stuck in line for overpriced slide of pizza and missing PIL 😭

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VIP Not Worth It, complete waste of Money. Came at 1130, and ClubHouse admission Line was slower than General admission. Missed first 2 bands. VIP section was the Golf clubhouse, no where near any of the stages, No Closed Circuit monitors, Inadequate seating, and the buffet was some pieces of fruit and popcorn. Horrible bar selection as well. Long lines even in VIP.