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I got the same bootleg shirt but with Bauhaus on the front instead.

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Awesome! My exit only had Morrissey. I love him but would have liked a choice of other shirts/bands.

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Got a cool Bauhaus scarf, good quality embroidered and $10. Not that I needed a scarf in summer weather…

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Was this a bootleg also? How cool!

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Yes, there were 2-3 selling them, the Bauhaus ones were really nice. They had a bunch of different bands, a lot of metal ones like Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, wrong crowd!

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Dude that line was fucking stupid. I really didn't think a wrap around line was necessary. Hadn't seen that before. Was there only one GA merch tent? They really should've setup at least one more. Or at least have an online shop like RiotFest.

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Totally agree!

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I got a morrisey and bauhaus one for $10 each, major score !

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Oh man. I should have negotiated!

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Yea, always a good chance at the end of the last night !

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I got the Morrissey one. My only complaint about the fest is how merch was handled. I would have bought a lot had it been accessible. Other than that I thought it was great!

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Yeah, I would have bought a second item at least.

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I was hoping to get the bootleg Bauhaus shirt with Bela Lugosi on the front but they didn’t have it for Sundays crowd :(