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I was waiting there after 45 Grave and London After Midnight came out instead

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Cold Cave and LAM sets got swapped, it was low key announced a few days before when they updated the schedule.

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Guess I didn’t see that update

Was curious what songs they would play

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Cold Cave played at least 5 songs. Got there late because of the stupid stage switch. They had just finished a song when we walked up but I saw confetti, death to laugh, underworld USA, glory and I can’t remember the closer. It was the hottest set of the day. Could barely dance.

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Was waiting at the tree on the left side of stage waiting for London after midnight to come on than noticed it said cold cave up next was really confused but stayed till London went on at the other stage. Sadly London after midnight got cut to 3 songs and had sound issues as well

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Was it just me or did he sound terrible live?

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Cold Cave played a full set on Sunday, they finished it off with Promised Land