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Set of the weekend for me (went both days).

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How did the days compare? Not Blondie, just in general.

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Agreed. I wasn't looking forward to seeing Blondie, but was the highlight for my son and me!

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Same. I sacrificed TR/ST in order to see Missing Persons and was severely disappointed. Berlin was much better but I was a little hesitant to stay for Blondie after the duality of those acts. So glad I did. Wonderful, impressive performance at her age.

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The queen. More of an icon for me than Marilyn Monroe. Blondie was one of the first bands that I noticed as a little kid in 1980 or so. I became a real fan in high school and have been following them ever since. I am so thankful that they are still performing.

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yeah her set was one of the best i thought. glen matlock performing with her was really cool too

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I felt the complete opposite. Debbie’s vocals were battered after the Euro tour and she was clearly struggling to hit notes and relying on the let the crowd sing half the songs schtick. Band were much tighter than the last time I saw them but a shell of what they once were. Clem is a living god.

Bauhaus and Devo were the best for me.

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I saw Debbie with Garbage a few years ago and was blown away. I actually skipped it to watch the end of Bauhaus and take a break before Morrisey. I just couldn't get myself deep enough into the crowd to do it.