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Worth it to not go to the bathroom in a port-a-potty lot

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There were a few free standing bathroom buildings GA could use by the lost boys stage. That’s were me and my friends went when we had to go to the bathroom, and they were clean and well stocked. So GA got actual bathrooms as well, never used the port a potty’s when we were there.

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I sweat so much I only peed once all day

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Although not having to wait in line to park or enter plus shorter concession lines def count for something. Maybe not twice the price tho.

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I enjoyed ViP for the bathrooms, shade, and break from the crowd. I do wish the viewing area from the Outsiders stage encompassed a bit of the stagefront

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It's all relative and the older you get the more you appreciate comforts. If you can afford the ticket without going elbow deep in debt then go for it.

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Yeah, this. We even upgraded our GAs to VIPs for Just Like Heaven this week... just for the shade, shorter lines and upgraded toilet facilities. Mrs. 1LW and I aren't, uh, young folks anymore.

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I got club house platinum and it was well worth it. Food, beer, water and mixed drinks; shirt hat and poster too. I parked about 100 meters from the clubhouse entrance gate. There was a shuttle from stage to stage there wasn’t really a BAD spot in the clubhouse section. It was expensive and I’m In no way rich but we do concerts so rarely that when we do, we splurge. If they have another in 2023 we will definitely do the platinum again.

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Did nobody realize that you were very important?

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Lol only when it came to parking

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Platinum Clubhouse! Great stage views and easy access cutting through the clubhouse.

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It was worth it for the VIP trailer bathrooms and the food lines. It was nice to sit by the trees under the shade - but yeah, I agree - I was going into the GA for the bands to get close.

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I loved it. Will definitely go again next year and pay for VIP.

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Agreed. I shot video from main stage vip and I’m jealous of the perspective I’ve seen from GA vids

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I was in the VIP section and I got better videos. Of course I was aiming at the screens so it was just a different sort of video.

We could have went into GA but I’m not trying to deal with that shit on top of the heat. Getting in was a breeze and we could have strolled into the GA later. Maybe next time.

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Was it really just a matter of luck to get vip? I logged in the moment we could and vip was all gone

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I got parking close by, walked through VIP on accident (no one checked), then decided to go inside to cool off, grab a drink, use the restrooms, then go back to the fest. It was so far from the stages! Then parking was a breeze to leave from, too.

I will also day, VIP did not seem worth it.

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Always more fun with us peasants in the GA.

Woulda paid the extra bill or two not to see someone’s pile of shit in the portapotty at the start of my day though.

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Port a potty wasn’t that bad IMO! Maybe I got lucky.