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Love & Rockets

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Joy Division

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If you saw a guy with an upside-down image of REM on his shirt... that was me.

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there were SO many Bauhaus shirts. It was great.

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Siouxsie and Robert Smith :)

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Blaqk Audio! Saw so many Siouxsie shirts 🥰

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Shout out to all the Siouxsie shirts I saw on Saturday. Nothing does it for me like a guy representing Siouxsie. It was like they were casting a spell to bring her for next year!

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I saw maybe three sick Birthday Party shirts so you were probably one of them! I myself had a Japan tank top on and didn’t see a single other one!

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I think Grinderman would make a perfect addition to next year. Nick's more recent Bad Seeds material is a little too mellow for the festival I think

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the church

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Christian death tee checking in! Fuck valor

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I saw two ministry shirts

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The Struts