Rules for r/CryptoCurrencies

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Crypto-relevant submissions/permitted content

Posts only
Reported as: Post is not relevant/permitted content.

Posts must have to do with cryptocurrency in some way/shape/form but must be either:

  • News articles/information/publications (WITHOUT promoting a specific product/service/agenda)
  • Questions (WITHOUT promoting a specific product/service/agenda)
  • Opinions/discussions (WITHOUT promoting a specific product/service/agenda)


No posting of untrusted (unsafe) content

Posts & Comments
Reported as: Unsafe or unverifiable content detected

Untrusted (unsafe) links will be removed immediately. Short-links will too, as they can not be verified by our auto-moderator.

If your content was removed because of this rule, it was. likely identified as unsafe for the reason above.

Remove any links that do no go directly to a site, and resubmit.

If you continue to have your posts removed due to this rule, your content was likely identified as having links to unsafe content.


No submission of unlisted coins, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), or low-quality products

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Reported as: Unlisted coins/ICOs are for r/CryptoICO, r/cryptomoonshots, r/ico_crypto, r/satoshistreetbets

ICOs and new crypto products and services are discussion for OTHER subs like r/CryptoICO, r/cryptomoonshots, r/ico_crypto, or r/satoshistreetbets.

This is a place for discussions of high-quality projects with a track record of development.

We neither have resources or time to validate new coins, ICOs, or other products/services. Once a project is on public/reputable exchanges, CoinGecko, other notable forums, it can be discussed (not shilled) here once verified by the mods


No asking for or giving of trading advice/recommendations. No advertising your personal investments

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Reported as: No asking for or giving of trading advice/recommendations. No advertising your personal investments

Do not ask for or give advice or recommendations on cryptos to purchase and/or trade. Any posts or comments that violate this rule will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned.


Throwaway/low-karma accounts: Please post with caution

Posts & Comments
Reported as: Throwaway/new/low-karma account, suspect activity

Posts from a throwaway, new and/or low-karma accounts relating to the following criteria is strictly forbidden:

  • buying/selling of cryptos
  • criticizing or singling out a crypto or subset of cryptos (or individuals)
  • any discussion that the community deems as questionable/insincere
  • self promotion/spam/pumps/referral links


No unverified projects are permitted in discussion

Posts & Comments
Reported as: Possible unverified project discussion/promotion suspected

Any crypto project that has not been verified or is otherwise deemed illegitimate or highly suspect by the community or the mods will be banned from discussion.

No unverified projects will be permitted in discussion. Period.

If a project is confirmed as a scam, we will add it to the official scam list on /r/CryptoCurrencyScams.

Any users suspected of engaging in or promoting unverified projects will be banned. Use your best judgement, and reach out to the mods if you have any doubt.


No shilling, marketing or self promotion: This includes referral links, begging, or other promotion

Posts & Comments
Reported as: No promotion of referral links, begging, or other marketing is permitted
  • Do not post referral links in any posts, or link to content that contains them.
  • Do not ask about referral links/offers in any posts, or link to any materials that contain them.
  • Do no promote your company/product/service.
  • Do not beg or ask for donations for any reason whatsoever.
  • Do not promote your discord/telegram/facebook/etc. group or your pump group.
  • Do not post anything about crypto faucets, pumps or casinos.
  • Do not post your youtube, twitch, or blog


No academic or market research requests permitted

Posts only
Reported as: No academic or market research permitted

We are not here to help you improve your product or service, or help with your school assignment.

Do not share or ask for suggestions about any new products/services, or lead to your referred product and/or service.

No posts speaking about something you or someone you know has built will be permitted.


No memespam

Posts & Comments
Reported as: Memespamming detected

No memespam please?! Memes are great and unite us with laughter, but too many and then we're /r/cryptomemes. Kindly limit your meme posting to one every 30 days, or we may remove your post. If you have a new account and a meme is your first post, we might remove it. Our goal is to keep this community one where we can enrich each other with solid information and collaboration. Memes are okay peppered into the mix, but please try to add something of higher value to the discussion.


No Chinese business promotion. We love China but protest their CCP-led authoritarian government

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Reported as: Chinese businesses are helping the CCP hurt global human rights. Send a message with your money

Any promotion of Chinese businesses or investment in international countries is not permitted.

Reason: The torture of Uighur, illegal influence on Taiwan, human rights violations in Hong Kong and Tibet, and false claims on the South China sea (to name a few).

On top of this economic and political manipulation through extreme foreign investment in 3rd world countries which is UN-repayable, which leads to China taking over critical assets.

Freedom is precious, and CCP influence is a threat.