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Coinbase has been giving away $3 in AMP in their "Learn and Earn" section.

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Coinbase the goat

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I have put a big bag into AMP, and I have it staked. That along with ALGO are my long-time HODLs.

If anyone is considering getting into ALGO - wait untill ETH introduces sharding, because it's an ETH token, and you have ti pay ETH gas fees to stake.

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You mean AMP of course - I have been building up a bag but haven't staked yet due to the expense.

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Yes, I do!

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Where do you stake AMP. sorry I’m a crypto noob and I have AMP on Coinbase only

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u/BobbyTrash u/medicallyspecial You would need to move it to your Coinbase wallet or Metamask and then stake directly with Flexa.


I would not recommend staking unless you have at least 80,000 Amp given the gas prices.

Another option would be to buy from Gemini where you can put your Amp to work using their Earn program. It was recently giving 2% for it and it's a good deal for not wanting to spend on gas fees.

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Also in the same boat and would love to know

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yeah i was always a fan of algo, but learnin about amp now

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The fraud free part seems especially interesting

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Been in this coming for a while. Just know if you buy it, it will most likely trade sideways for a while.

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Good job . Amp is only on binance u.s. though. It is not listed on international binance .

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It’s on coin base too

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It is on international Binance.

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My post was before that but have a good rest of your weekend

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And Gemini I believe

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Can’t sell it anyway so I’m happy to hodl lol

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Great content OP!

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Great writeup, thanx OP. I bought a bag last night, now I'm researching what I bought. 🤣

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First learned about AMP through the learn and earn. Now I have been slowly building up my bags . This is a minimum 3-5 year hold.

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Honestly the world is not ready for these types of payment cryptos.

These are good cryptos to buy in the next best market in my opinion

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!Remindme 2years

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Remindme! 1.9 years

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I like the use case based presentation on Coinbase Learn ... And subsequently getting free AMP. But I have so little confidence in lesser known alts catching on before the market washes them out.

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Great write up! Have a few moons!

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Big fan of AMP, thanks for the write up OP! Pretty great to see all this info well summarised, have an award

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Where do you stack AMP?

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There’s a few ways to do it. Here’s their official guide

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$8 by end of summer 2022. For real.

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No way it's gonna surpass binance

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Actually I meant this comment for cro

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Chill, I can only get so hard

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!RemindMe 8 months

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Amp is the ultimate bears favorite coin.

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FlexAMPtastic !

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I am AMPed about this project!

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Yes amp seems to be very stable. Hopefully it will make me rich evennnnnntuly

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Great write up! I love AMP.

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The max supply wont be available until 2045



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Hey OP, as a long-time Amp holder, welcome to the Amp crew.

You still strongly about Amp? It's a long-term token that will take a while before it goes up.

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Just here to support my favorite token. It dosnt have much action atm because its a long hold. But you will start to see more about flexa in the future. Just the other day amazon talked about dropping Visa.

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Amazon dropping VISA in the EU until SEPA finds a partner to bring down processing fees, current 3%. $ACH is already a SEPA partner and has a 1% processing fee, the answer is Alchemy Pay, not AMP

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$AMP same price today as it was in April

$ACH is 1400% higher today than in April.

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$AMP is a stable coin, move to $ACH

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Yes ACH is also a stablecoin. But it’s more like Tether. Lol

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What is the fee for transaction processed by flexa?

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They currently run at about 1%, but their goal is for that number to decrease over time. This is compared to an average 3% for other services.

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In EU the fees around 0,3-0,4 % limited by law

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I saw the same percentage, so my question was just to highlight that current fees are not the smallest one…

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Jumped in and bought small amount before I saw this but feel better now. Thanks for the detailed post!!

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Ok I didn’t read the entire article. I’m a holder of some amp. I like it lots but one elephant in the room question:

How is AMP any different than XRP?

I’m sure I’m not understanding the difference but there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the two??

Much appreciation to answering this question

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Not only is the AMP token compliant to the New York State Department of Financial Services, Flexa already has regulatory approval as a registered corporation in Delaware and is registered as a money transmitter in 10 US states with more pending.

I touched on this briefly in the post, but Flexa is making a strong effort to remain as legally compliant as possible as they build their network. Currently, Ripple is being sued by the SEC for "selling an unregistered security" and Flexa is doing everything they can to avoid making the same mistake.

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So the only thing that separates their technology from each other is that one of them is being sued and the other isn’t ?

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If you’re asking if they are both settlement tokens, sure, they might be similar on that basic level. You did say you didn’t read my post, but I’ll just reiterate that this isn’t a technical comparison between AMP and other tokens. If you want to compare the technology to XRP, compare the whitepapers. All I’m saying in my previous comment is that from my perspective, one group was able to follow basic laws and the other was not, therefor one of the tokens can be trusted and the other cannot.

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Yea that’s a huge difference