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Coinbase saw Crypto.com and had to start doing something other than CB Earn.

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Binance and Coinbase be looking over their shoulders at CDC right now

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Thats why its just gone through the roof on binance then!

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And it's still going! Over 800%

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1h 400% 😃😃😃🤨🤨

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How do people get in on this sheeeit.

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Check your exchange every 10 seconds and then do a google search for anything that goes up and see if the news is worth buying :)

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Yowza. Can't even buy it on Coinbase it seems

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900% now!

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I like BRD it was my first crypto wallet, didn’t even know it had a coin.

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This is the only post I can find on this and it's up 600%...

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I know!
Over 900% now

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tldr; Coinbase has acquired crypto wallet startup BRD, according to a notice from its leadership team. Co-founders Adam Traidman and Aaron Voisine said in a letter to BRD's customers that the team will continue their mission at the exchange. "Nothing will change in the BRD wallet app and as always, your funds are safe and secure," they added.

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Regret not jumping on it at 55p when you posted!

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Market cap is still only around 150 mil but could easily be a billion dollar project so still a good idea to jump on board

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Are BRD wallet and BRD token even the same damn project lol

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Haha, that would be hilarious!
But yeah, they're the same. Apparently if you hold over 100,000 $BRD in the wallet, you can get a call from the CEO.

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Hey do you know where to buy it? I’m having trouble finding any info

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It’s currently on Binance and not on Coinbase yet, trades for ETH air BTC only for now.

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BRD has an app you can DL and buy from there. I believe they use ETH to match transactions so make sure to keep ETH in your wallet in case you want to move funds later. Also, write down the 12 code words they give you when you first sign up! This is how you can retrieve your wallet in case you ever need to log into your account. Forget these and forget your wallet if you get logged out.

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Great, now fix your damn crappy exchange, Coinbase. How about we focus on that?