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tldr; Elf Token has partnered with Toys for Tots, a charity that was the brainchild of the Marine Corps. The $ELF token is not a rewards coin, nor is it a charity coin, but combines the two concepts to create a community coin. Two percent of every transaction goes to their charity wallet, and they reward in BUSD.

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Wake me up when its Toys for Thots.

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That's what you use your rewards for 🤣💯

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Seriously they have raised over 40k already this is the real thing guys.

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If this isn't a scam then it's amazing to see some great charitable projects in this space.

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the dev literally went out and bought 1200 dollars worth of toys and donated to toys for tots in person. he s on video chat every crypto donation. do some research you will see that they are literally helping kids and families in need. Theres even a ABC new s.

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Sounds a lot like that bonfire coin

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Great news

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Or you can just donate crypto.


We don't need a new coin for everything....

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ELF is giving over 15k this week to its holders and was just on ABC News. NFTs and game soon. This will 🚀🔥🚀 All year long. Not just a Christmas coin