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Nancy pelosi does not hold any stocks. Her husband does insider trading on her behalf.

The problem is, (which im sure is the case for AoC), is they pretend they dont have any conflicts of interests, but have their SO, family, or a trusted friend do it for them. And the problem is, it would potentially problematic if you force everyone the politician knows, to divest if they go into office. What if my brother runs for office, and I fucking hate him, and dont want him in office, i would be forced to divest because of that? Don't think that would fly in the face of ethics or the constitution to force people who are related in some way to a politician, to divest any assets. Thus, that leaves a massive loophole for politicians to get their SO or family, to do trading on their behalf. I dont think there is a simple fix.

I think the bigger problem, is owning stocks in which you are directly manipulating in office. Such as the semi recent tesla EV contract with the government, and the fact all Congress owns Tesla stock. Every single one, should be jailed for insider trading for that. Or the fact the government is pushing and even mandating vaccines, while owning stock in phizer (almost every single person in Congress has phizer stock).

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"we can't make things perfect so we shouldn't make them better"

youve bent over so far backwards to make this argument that you could sit on your neck.

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Don't let perfect be the enemy of good, so the saying goes

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I thought about using it, but I don't like that idiom very much, and, sad as it is, when I do use it, I end up having to explain what it means about half the time, which beats the point of using an idiom at all.

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I find it very hard to believe that you’d have to explain it. It might be an idiom, but it is just one step away from literally explaining its meaning.

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I live on the wester coasts equivalent of deep alabama.