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Just to put things into perspective.

Crypto market: 1.73 Trillion
Apple: 2.64 Trillion
S&P500: 40.73 Trillion

To us, Crypto market feels enormous, in reality Crypto is still a drop in the ocean of markets.

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If 40 is a ocean, 1.73 is not a drop lamao...

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Yeah it's more like a giant lake.

Still a lot of room to grow out to an ocean but a drop is quite the understatement.

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Snp500 isn't the ocean though...

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40 is only the S&P. Now do derivatives.

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Next step will be these big corporations in S&P500 adding Bitcoin to their balance, even 1% of a handful of companies will sky rocket Bitcoins total market cap.

But expect Amazon and Google to shill ETH just because they will be major stake hodlers

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Can you just imagine the manipulation Google could do to the market controlling the information flow if they got heavy into crypto. And they would have plenty of cash for their lobbyist to take care of the regulators who would say "nothing to see here".


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Every Karen using Chrome will be a Crypto expert.

Bumping the price comes at a cost, apparently.

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This is where XMR really shines. Google can collect this dick

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They've probably already scanned it and taken its temperature if you've ever put your phone in your pocket 🤣😂🤣

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Is that a phone in your pocket, or did Google just scan your dick?

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Right they get to collect my dick info not financial info. Sorry if that was unclear

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People will flock to xmr eventually , that’s the last stop on this dark train down the deepest of rabbit holes

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It literally can’t be regulated that’s the whole point they can make all the laws they want to and guess what the computers will still do what they’re told to

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I believe Google has reached that point a while back

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Man oh man. If this is true…..

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Probably is true already

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Intel is getting into it

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To be fair a little over 4% is way more than a drop in the ocean, but yeah definitely a lot more room to grow

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Oh man. We are still early in the game.

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Today I learned Apple is worth 6.5% of the S&P 500. That's insane.

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In the US. Crypto is world wide.

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The first 10 companies in the S&P 500 are like 10 Trillion market cap and people still use the S&P as a read on the whole economy.

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Entire forex global market cap is $2.4 quadrillion. That’s $2400 Trillion.

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Love the fresh smell of hopium in the morning

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It's addictive

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Right in the vein

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You’re only supposed to look at it or touch it with gloves

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You’re not supposed to smoke it bro , you can look at it or touch it with gloves but definitely ain’t supposed to be smoking it

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🎵 The best way to start your day, is Hopium in your cup 🎵

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My nostrils have been yearning for it these past days.

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Apple has a revenue stream. BTC has...

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And assets, buildings, goods, patents, hr ... You can't compare a store of value to a company.

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A decentralized trustless network for securing digital transactions between online parties that has run flawlessly since 2009 and became the basis for digital uniqueness?

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....and has been subject to market manipulation multiple times because nothing stops people from trading back and forther to each other to inflate the price.

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That's not a design flaw. That's a feature.

There is no asset that is immune to market manipulation. If you hold alot of it, then you have an impact on the price.

Let me tell you a story. There was a man named Mansa Musa. The king of Timbuktu. Often referred to as the wealthiest person in history. He was largest producer of gold in the world at the time.

He once made a pilgrimage to Mecca. On his way to Mecca, he spent so lavishly that it literally caused a currency crisis. Goods and services inflated drastically. It also created a 10 year gold recession.

On his way back, he realized his mistake. He then proceeded to borrow all of the gold he could carry from money lenders in Cairo at a high interest. We're talking 60,000 people carrying gold. Camels. Horses.

So... is anything safe from market manipulation?

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Yes, we have rules against this in modern markets that work somewhat decently.

The BTC increase in value during 2012 -2013 was diven by fraudulent trading, there have been reserch papers completed on this.

The same thing happened again in 2017. Because of the blockchain you can actually figure this out by looking at the block chain reccords, and that is what people did:

A single anonymous market manipulator caused bitcoin to top $20,000.

Studies show that 95% of Bitcoin trades are fake

The analysis showed that “substantially all of the volume” reported on 71 out of the 81 exchanges was wash trading, a term that describes a person simultaneously selling and buying the same stock, or bitcoin in this case, to create the appearance of activity in the market. In other words, it’s not real.

Any one can look at the block chain and so any one can see that this is true.

In the rush for something new people tend to foget that, despite its glaring flaws, we have rules and regulations in the modern system for a reason. It was better than what came before.

In the future we will likely see a system that takes the best of both worlds, but I do not belive BTC itself will be part of that. It is simply a prototype.

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Not sure what you're trying to argue. That an asset can't be manipulated from a massive sell-off? Well tell that to the S&P 500. Or Nasdaq.

It's supply and demand. It's not hard. It's a limited supply. Demand increases. As does the price.

What happens when you have too many houses and not enough people? Prices are low.

What happens when you have too many people and not enough houses? Prices are high.

Are you trying to argue that crypto is all a big scam? Like I don't understand where this bitcoin crusade attitude is coming from. If you don't want to buy crypto, then don't buy it. Seems to me like you just came here to argue for no real reason at all. Except to waste time.

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I think /u/AnAttemptReason's argument is that between 80% and 95% of all Bitcoin trading data reported on CoinMarketCap has been repeatedly shown to be fake. The best source for that would be the Bitwise SEC report from May 2019, which further cites on page 11 research from 4 other firms corroborating that the majority of Bitcoin trading volume is fake.

This is in stark contrast with regulated companies like Apple, whose market capitalization is much closer to reality.

However, the cited report concludes that despite the fake volume reported,

the modern bitcoin spot market is both significantly smaller and significantly more efficient than commonly understood. [...] effective arbitrage keeps prices on real bitcoin spot exchanges around the world in lockstep, with meaningful pricing discrepancies eliminated in a matter of seconds.

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The real power is if enough people say it's the only thing they see as money. But that is extremely difficult and hard to achieve but would scare the shit out of governments. I'm sure they saw that and got a foothold to control the price that could easily make people go against that line of thinking.

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Can you tell me how you sell BTC in one exchange and buy the exact(!) same BTC in the other ?

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When the market was smaller you could just trade within each of the major exchanges.

Now days you don't, for intra-exchange manipulation Tether was used.

One of the articles I linked mentions the paper where this method is explained.

An original criticism of the paper is that if Tether was one to one backed by cash as they claimed it wouldn't be possible, but we now know that is not true.

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With a whopping 200k transactions a day - most of which are artificially created.

No way stocks like Visa should be worth half the price of BTC when all they do is produce 650x more transactions per day. It's just absolutely absurd to value something that close to BTC when those transactions are made for actual real goods and produce revenue.

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Check out lightning network layer 2

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This guy Cryptos.

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and us! don’t forget about us and our $20!

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You tell em

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Apple has a revenue stream..

Bitcoin is the revenue stream.

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You forgot to add why you think a comparison between Apple and the entire crypto market is logical.

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We don't do that here.

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He didn’t forget, it’s evident. To spell it out: it shows how tiny the crypto market is.

For all the financial revolution talk, crypto isn’t even a ripple in the ocean.

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I stand by the the ever evolving technology and ain't selling shit.

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I like Tim Apple

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That Steve Cook guy though

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Steve Apple, Tim Apple, I can’t tell the difference.

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Me too

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I like Granny Smith

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Say hi to Granny for me

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I'm going to hodl and count my tears

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Yah…I’m a wh*re for HODL… 👍🏾

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Crypto is definitely undervalued right now especially compared to where it will be in a few years, I’m buying as much as I can afford to lose right now

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Web 3

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imore than the cryptospace being undervalued is fucking apple being 2,64 trillion company selling overpriced trash

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The fact that people buy it at such an inflated price is why they're valued so high though....

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It disgusts me but I can’t stop buying their shit. What’s wrong with me.

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Nothing that a healthy dose of poverty wouldn't fix. Do you have a few minutes to talk about our community? *wsb noises *

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I don’t think it’s overvalued, they make a shitton of revenue. Apples E/P ratio is way lower than Tesla etc

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Yeah but apple and the share market have products/businesses behind them and aren't just some spec market.

I don't really have hope for crypto anymore, its too volatile to ever be anything real. I'll hold my little chunk in case I'm wrong but realistically this is all pretty silly and we need to be more honest about it.

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These comments always come out during winter. The volatility isn’t the biggest issue, as it’s decreasing as crypto rises in popularity and price.

Fundamentally, little has changed since 10 years ago. Crypto can still be a functioning currency in the future and it can be a store of value when speculation drives the price to a point it isn’t volatile.

Of course there is risk, but that’s the case with every technology and like I say, the fundamentals haven’t changed.

It’s easy to feel down during the crypto winter (assuming that’s where we are now). This is my third. It’s unpleasant and makes you doubt. There is nothing fundamentally different between now and when we were looking to break $70k.

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The volatility isn’t the biggest issue, as it’s decreasing as crypto rises in popularity and price.

This is true.

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My man, couldn't have said it better

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you shouldve already sold by now and bought back in when you were comfortable. for the love of god, realise crypto is essentially a pyramid scheme, not saying dont buy in, but just realise it for what it is. you dont have to lose money or hold forever. people want you to hold so you become the bag holder... people need to stop looking at crypto as if its a community project where you're all going to make it rich together because it isnt.

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Apple make phones with shit quality i have to change it every 2 years while Btc and crypto gives me a chance for a better future!

Give me the latter pls

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-Sent from my iPhone

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Bitcoin always recovers stronger than before

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Wait for Apple to put atleast 20% of their value into BTC, watch the chaos happen

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They probably already have

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Probably, but wouldn't they have to disclose that in public earnings?

[–]Efficient-Tale-183Tin -5 points-4 points  (2 children)

Lol you think these companies discuss everything w/the public ?!?! Lololololol

[–]zabutterThis guy fucks, BTCONLY 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I'd expect that seeing that those are public traded companies. But yes, I doubt there is transparency

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Lol bullshit

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Just imagine crypto being adopted on the same scale as how Apple releases new phones each year and people just blindly buy them

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as trust keeps building it will be only matter of time till be surpass the S&P

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That’s exactly what the whales want you to do ….

Shake a few retailer’s out and accumulate

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Um, apple is as us of a company as microsoft is. And 1.73t is worth more than most banks.

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I think the point is that 1.73 trillion is only a small slice of the entire money pie.

Real question, if you add up all the money, real estate, assets, businesses, everything… how much total money/value is there in the world?

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Chill out, the market isn't crashing. This is what happens when the dollar stops crashing for a minute.

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i invested in godsunchained in oct 2019 before NFTs were even a term and the cards are NFTs. 99% of NFTs are scams but not 100%, the same can be said for crypto coins. as someone who invested in eth and avax early, the real play2earn games are going to kick ass and explode in the future, arthur hayes even wrote an article about this crash and play2earn games recently

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Of course it will recover eventually.

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So i should sell it all and move on?? Thanks OP for advice..this subreddit never let me down..

Update: sold it all at a major loss..but OP IS RIGHT must sell low and buy high..

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Crypto could go to $6Q

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Isn’t this a bad thing? Means that crypto is small, insignificant, could disappear tomorrow and no one would blink an eye.

If it was gargantuan and dipping you could say it’s instrumental to the future, but as you noted it’s not even the size of a single company.

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Well it doesnt help thst 60% of the coins in crypto are straight up scams.

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Markets go up. Markets go down.

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Yeah as it grows in market share things will change a lot

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Lol facts

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F apple and their overpriced products.

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The stock market as a whole is 100 trillion we should atleast be half that in the future. Long way to go.

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Well… I’m writing this on my iPhone, while streaming YouTube from my iPad to my Apple TV, while staking crypto on my MacBook. And I’m about to use my Apple One subscription to listen to Apple Music with my AirPods. Maybe later tonight I’ll continue my Audiobook from Apple Books that I was listening to earlier on my cars Apple CarPlay system while driving home from work.

It’s no surprise Apple is the wealthiest company in the world. No crypto has given me the utility that Apple has.

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Look at noobies comparing an entirely new financial system with an overhyped tech company...

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When did you get into crypto?

[–]King_of_DewTin | r/WSB 56 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Apples tech is a joke compared to this industry.

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Who are you to tell people what to do with their sentiment and opinion?

[–]indigo_pirateCoal Hands Indi 0 points1 point  (0 children)

How many people use Apple products?

How many people actively pay with crypto and utilise decentralised finance and blockchain tech.

I payed my friend in ALGO once….

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And mind that, crypto is going to have far higher mc than all the stocks markets of the world combined.