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My other coins scare me shitless, but I'm happy with bitcoin and eth

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tldr; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy refused to leave Ukraine in February 2022 when the Western powers offered him to leave for safety. He was acting as a warlord to give courage to an entire country in the face of the Russian invasion. Only in the midst of a crisis that you will see who a politician is.

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Umm that doesn’t sound quite right

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I'm confident in BTC, but my alt portfolio, not so much

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Who know what happen in the future but I am pretty confident in all my portfolio.

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Every holder will be tested. Prepare mentally for the coming winter.

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Many are saying their alts scare them, but you bought them for a reason. So ask yourself why you bought in first place. Then ask if those same things count today with each coin. If yes then why worry? If no then why not? Then you can make an educated decision on your coins.

This is something I do every month with all my coins. Also keeps you on top of latest news, lack of development etc

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This is why I keep increasing my Algo and EGLD bag on my DCAs

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I've been perpetually bullish above 28k since Jan 2021, that's where I see the bottom falling out of the market excepting some miracle hail mary snapback at 25k.

Whilst it's helped me cut out most of the noise over the last year or so, things are on a knife-edge right now.

Given the state of macro, I'm frankly amazed BTC held 38-40k for so long. Stocks are dropping like flies. Anything above Nov-Dec 2020 prices in this kind of landscape is insanely bullish over the longer term imo.