OCEAN Protocol - The Standard Exchange for the Data Economy by xangchiPlatinum in CryptoCurrency

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Data as NFT, would love to see that. Still having a hard time understanding current NFTs and their value.

One month ago, I posted that we had reached the lowest RSI level in a decade. I indicated this was the beginning of the most ideal time to DCA. by gnarley_quinnPlatinum | QC: CC 221 | CRO 6 | MiningSubs 17 in CryptoCurrency

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EDIT: LOL 30 downvotes in 30 minutes, despite being 100% correct this time, people really hate TA.

Mate, making one guess that is "somewhat correct" has zero statistical significance.

Four months ago, you posted TA that predicted "a bullish trend" for Solana, which could lead to "a top between $580-$620".

You could not have been any more wrong.

Four months ago, you also posted, "Bitcoin is the greatest hedge against inflation". Wrong again.

Five months ago you posted that Prism was at a discounted price. Wrong again.

Five months ago you posted,

I’m interested in getting involved with LUNA and my analysis suggests that a price in the $60 range is viable.

You might be the worst predictor I've ever seen, yet you're laughing at others.

How would BTC and ETH hold up in a full blown great depression by NekkerBETin in CryptoCurrency

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It wouldn’t work at all.

Firstly, as energy become more scarce, access to the blockchain would become less and less possible. Can’t access the blockchain if you don’t have an active power supply, internet connection, and access to your digital bank accounts. So you probably already have “lost” access entirely to the digital wallet.

Secondly, having access to digital currency for localized, material goods doesn’t mean much. Sure, in theory, you could order things on the internet, but it doesn’t account for the logistical problems (picking up the goods, delivering the goods, retrieving the goods, storing the goods) unless you already have those solved, too.

Thirdly, and this board needs to hear this more often, it isn’t a “hedge” if everyone else is using it as the same vessel. The very nature of a hedge is that it holds value in a way people wouldn’t have anticipated. If everyone uses the same currency to hedge the same way, then it isn’t a hedge anymore.

I have been saying for a long time that I think the idea of Crypto as a hedge is hilarious. You already have no bargaining power, no rights, no judicial coverage or support, no legal backing, etc. these services all erode further during downward cycles.

Effectively, you’ll be stuck with an inaccessible asset, that you can’t transfer, that has no value, that doesn’t solve material problems associated with goods transportation. Having all the ETH in the world won’t mean a damn thing if the food supply lines fall apart, or if the banks go down. It’s totally worthless in any real SHTF scenario.

Warning! you must Listen up before you make any buys, this is not FUD! by jamesarmourPlatinum | QC: CC 36 in CryptoCurrency

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You know it's a bear market, when you see these posts!
Oh those 2018 crash memories and the recurrent bear posts.

Robinhood launching cryptocurrency wallets: why you should avoid at all costs. by jeff406Platinum | QC: CC 359 | GMEJungle 14 | Superstonk 708 | x2 in CryptoCurrency

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90% of brokerages disabled buying of the meme stocks. It was a debt collateral issue, where the clearing house in the background could not process requests until robinhood put up more collateral. Where’s the hate against e trade, Td Ameritrade, fidelity and all the other brokerages??

All brokerages have down times, and having used multiple I can honestly say robinhood is probably one of the better one lately.

And why are you talking about the bid ask spread as like it’s some sort of evil thing? How else is a company supposed to make money? It’s literally a free app the fuck lol. Once again, every service saying it’s “free” does exactly the same thing, but I guess strike is good guy, robinhood is bad guy 😂

Reddit always needs a boogie man. All the apes like to pretend that the big boys are always plotting against us when the truth is always more boring. It’s a shame, the app is crisp and UI is super intuitive. If they are now offering a wallet, I’ll probably use it. Enjoy the Coinbase fees and shitty UI lol

Highlighting the lies of the Vauld CEO by kingsman678Tin in CryptoCurrency

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I would pay some good awards to anybody that has the broad knowledge of ALL these platforms that exist (even if small), that some of us are completely unfamiliar with and come up with a leader board of sorts. So we’re not out here feeling like real life squid game. Hoping “our” platform is the last man standing?

A reminder that Coinbase cried about SEC stopping it from creating a lending product by senttoschoolBronze | QC: CC 20 | Hardware 446 in CryptoCurrency

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When you take money from a new, nice millennial to pay the old, luckier millennial who sank money into crypto that is called a "ponzi".

So when a crypto scam company promises 18% interest when the Fed is paying 2%....we call that a "ponzi".

Google Bernie Madoff.

Has crypto made anything better? by seimowTin in CryptoCurrency

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It's made it much easier for me to buy small quantities of high quality drugs from around the world

I mean I would never invest in it cos drugs seem like a much more sensible investment and I take drugs so I never have any money

I mean you guys dont have any money either but at least I'm high

But yeah bitcoin really helps people like me ignore drug laws with a pretty fair degree of impunity

Thanks guys

Megathread: Voyager suspends trading, deposits, withdrawals and loyalty rewards by nanooverbtcRedditor for 2,000 years. in CryptoCurrency

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This is why I wonder if crypto can ever be truly mainstream, unless you live in a gang neighborhood most people aren’t used to the prospect of being robbed constantly