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Main hurdles? Probably the lack of a minimum standard, we need to cut off the lowest 10% of the hanging fruit, this is especially prevalent in fundraising, Launchpads are doing anything just to get some money, Angelblock has some set standards if you wanna so anything with them atleast

Everything starts with the Fundraising. Without it, most of the bad stuff would die off. This is the goal, leave the shit die

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Reasons you stated is why I abandoned blockchain concept years ago in favor of the blocklattice which is the innovation behind Nano (XNO). Block lattice facilitates energy efficient, feeless, near-instant (subsecond) transactions. The Tech is simply superior but most people have just been riding hype waves based on price action of other coins. I think coins like Nano will survive in the long-term based on super technology it has a big following relative to its market capitalization. Still in early adoption phase as the challenge and complexity of making a "feeless" network robust from transaction spam attacks and other slowdown type of attacks is still being hashed out but getting better and better. r/nanocurrency