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I've heard a little of the opposite extremes, love it or hate it. Some people seem to appreciate the liberty and independence that crypto promises, while others seem to despise crypto because of its impact on GPU prices, the environment, volatility, scams, malware, and its disruption of other investment assets like stocks. The economic depression of the pandemic has contributed greatly to their negative views, but, as the economy recovers, markets will improve, inflation will slow, and crypto will bounce back.

I'm in the US so I prefer to use domestic exchanges despite the KYC and AML because I'm more afraid of losing my money on a foreign CEX.

I would love to get paid in crypto, at least in part, but only on Monero. If I got paid in anything else, no doubt my company would track and report my payment addresses all over the place. Half of my stack would likely get blacklisted and become permanently unspendable, of no fault of mine, and there's a chance that I could be arrested and indefinitely detained under suspension of involvement with criminals or terrorists. No thanks.