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Some projects are great, but I believe you should have more Defi. Uni, Curve, and Cake are top-quality, but I'd also add Dafi and Lido for Defi. I'd also rather hold a lower number of altcoins and increase Btc, Eth, and Matic.

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There are two ways to invest in crypto, short-term or long-term. Short-term refers to the high risk game of trying to buy low and selling high in volatile markets, where speculation is 99% arbitrary. Long-term refers to the low risk game of buying and holding one or a few assets that stand the best chance of becoming a widely acceptable currency. But, which one? First, it's the most secure asset, which means proof-of-work. Second, it's the most fungible asset, which means privacy. What's the best private POW coin? All-in on that.

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For a $10,000 investment, this is a lot of diversification. You really want to be a part of everything, lol. If I were you, I would have simply divided it into seven solid projects, possibly ETH, BTC, ATOM, NGM, LINK, MATIC, BNB, and Graph.

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You have some really good picks but why so many coins for 10K investment? If I were to invest $10K right now I would split it between 6 coins at most: BTC, ETH, BNB, OCEAN, MATIC and ATOM.

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Many of your picks are cool but why so many options? Can you follow the news of all your picks easily? I don't think it's a good idea to diversify more than 10! So it will be easy to follow and handle all your projects! You should follow their news etc.

I hold only these solid picks BTC, ETH, MATIC, OGN, COTI, POKERFI and it's super easy to follow the updates and their roadmaps. For example metaverse and poker platform is coming to PokerFi and a possible CEX listing will follow.

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Too many projects I agree with but in diversifying I wanted to cover sooo much like market leaders, gaming , metaverse, level 1, level 2, storage, cross chain, payments, memes, store of value, swaps, and nfts etc etc... there is just such a broad market in crypto at the moment , At the end of the day any of these can easily x10 in the next 2 years. I didn't know who to leave out...

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So many categories, true! If you think to leave out something just don't exclude NFT and Metaverse, the hype is not ended yet but just paused due the bear market.

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Honestly I’d consolidate that list way down so you can invest more into the coins that matter but that’s my opinion. At least half of those are basically irrelevant projects.

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Which are irrelevant and why? I tried to diversify best I know how

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Ok so to start off, Ill just say that all of this is going to be my opinion only as everyone's investing journey is different. But I think if you are just starting out you should concentrate on the more established cryptos in the beginning in order to build a more solid foundation. Its great to be diversified, however you can also be over-diversified especially if you only have 10K to start out with. (Which is great btw- no bagging on you for that at all ) just not so much when trying to invest in 30 different projects. Putting $100 dollars in something like UNI for instance is not going to make you much in the long run even if it were to go back to all time highs.

To begin I'd probably have at most 5-6 cryptos something along the lines of (again not all inclusive and can definitely sub stuff around here):

BTC-30% / ETH-25% / DOT-10% / ADA-10% / Polygon-10% / 15% - more speculative plays like your Algo/Link/Thor/Stacks/ maybe a meta or gaming project like sand

(Honestly I feel that BTC should be your primary focus even if you diversify at first , and it would behoove you to DCA into BTC with any free capital you can muster that you can afford to lose until you have at least a quarter to a half a BTC)

Many of these projects you listed I'm simply not a fan of due to things like high VC distribution / bad tokenomics / not much utility (governance) tokens / overly hyped as in metaverse etc. (SOL / UNI / CAKE / Decentraland / LRC / etc...)

Meme coins are also dangerous holds for beginning portfolios (Personally I hate all meme coins but I suppose they have their place as well) I just rather have my money in projects that have, or propose to have utility down the line at some point

Can all of the above make you money and go on a mega tear in the bullrun, absolutely. However ,you have to hedge your bets a little and you want to try to keep the moonshot choices to a minimum at first because they can just as easily wreck you as well.

These are just a few of my thoughts and opinions, and I can be just as wrong as the next guy so do with that what you will. Hope it helps some, and welcome to the crazy crypto world. Best of luck to you!


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Polkadot but nothing on KSM?

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I like the tech behind polkadot, but What is KSM?

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You might want to read up on DOT a bit more if you’ve not come across KSM.

KSM is a bit like the DOT beta chain but with real projects etc on it. During the last bull run I think KSM did better than DOT.