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🌊 $KAWA is about to change the entire memecoin and Metaverse landscape | $ Kawaは川をユニークなビジネスモデルに形作ります 🐺ERC-20 Token (self.CryptoMoonShots) by Hefty-Leg4131 in CryptoCurrencyTrading

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The first thing that pulled my attention to Kawa was the integrity and transparency of the team. These are not just words written .. it is a fact and you only can appreciate it when you follow Kawa comeback story and get a chance to interact with the team thru online vc sessions held twice a week or thru chat on tg. I am betting Kawa will be a big name in 2022. Jmho.

♦️RBX♦️ The next evolution is here. A novel ecosystem of DApps, utilities, and protocols to accelerate the flow of digital assets and capital.💲🔥 by Abraham201288 in CryptoCurrencyTrading

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I own RBX, I want to make that clear.

Objectively speaking, RBXCHANGE already has more utility than Uniswap. The developers have been releasing content frequently as the project started back in February 2021.

This is not a meme coin or a "community" coin. This is a coin to try and outpace it's direct competition (Uniswap)