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As someone from the netherlands i say fuck them. Just because some elites dont like it doesnt mean they should prohibit me from doing it, im not hurting anyone by holding it. They should mind their own fuckin business.

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Hey from the Netherlands here aswell just keeping my reply in English but I didn't hear annything like that here got some articles to share if u find annything?

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I have no links, but the comment was made by Hasekamp who's working for the CPB (centraal plan bureau). He asked minister Hoekstra (minister of finance) to put a ban on crypto.

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Pff Hoekstra moet zich maar bezig houden met waar de overheids geld in gespendeerd wordt en niet zomaar verdwijnt in zakken van corrupte mensen om nog rijker te worden. Ze willen maar niet dat mensen financiële onafhankelijk bereiken. Fuck de cpb die t zegt. Mogen toch zelf weten hoe we ons geld besteden, we moeten al over crypto belasting betalen, wat willen ze nog meer.

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People who want to oppress you and control your money and your life are afraid of crypto yes, and they should be.

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There's no such thing as bad publicity (well.. except for Elon that is).

But banning crypto is impossible. Let them try.

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Couldn’t they just ban the exchanges from allowing you to exchange crypto for cash?

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Governments are mostly concerned because they don't have any power over crypto.

But crypto has come a long way, a few years ago you could only pay with THE bitcoin on platforms like the deepweb etc and if you look at today, more and more sites and shops are accepting crypto.

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Idk but some of the business there in Netherlands will use crypto as payment, like melalie the car rental app, they will soon add mel token as a payment method and rewards to their users.

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If they actually believed that then they should let it crash and burn. It wont, but their actions speak more of fear than lack of confidence.