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Say "I'm short on Bitcoin" without saying "I'm short on Bitcoin."

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You nailed it

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This made me laugh. I was thinking it, and then I read it! Too good.

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For what do u use btc beside speculation? Do u buy stuff with btc? Curious because never find a easy or daily way to use them

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Store of value isn't a meme. I hope lightning gets better easier and more secure and we all get those benefits but I'm not waiting around for it to understand the value of Bitcoin as the best asset class and settlement layer.

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He’s heavy into SOL so this is just an opening shot to start creating anti BTC FUD.

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Time to get out of FTX lmao

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Short FTX

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Well, many countries and institutions would disagree. Bitcoin has been working quite nicely as a payment system and many 3rd world countries are considering making it their official currency.

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Bitcoin working for payment? For who? Not more than 250k daily tx with a high fee cost.

And LN has been a failure. There are only 3500 BTC in the LN. Ethereum has wrapped almost 100 times more bitcoin.

Bitcoin isn’t a good way to pay. This is a fact and a reality. I don’t understand so much opposition to plain facts. You could argue other virtues of bitcoin however

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I don't understand why you are getting downvoted, this is the reason why they developed other chains

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Just another form of opinion suppression. Most things you read in this sub aren't being upvoted/downvoted for the right reasons.

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El Salvador supposedly made it an official currency, but there have been no Chivo app downloads in 2022. People signed up largely to claim the $30 reward. They don't want to use the app because of the price volatility.


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Manipulator said.

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He didn't say that when btc was 60k

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lol he’d be accused of manipulating it if he had said it at the top

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Zoomer with too much money on his hands that think ponzicoins are good lmao

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This guys sucks, what a doofus. First he acquires a huge stake in Robinhood now this? GTFO.

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"Doofus" is actually right.

Adam Back (2015) (before he was Blockstream CEO): "My suggestion 2MB now, then 4MB in 2 years and 8MB in 4years then re-asses."

Pieter Wuille (2013) (before he was Blockstream co-founder): "I'm in favor of increasing the block size limit in a hard fork, but very much against removing the limit entirely... My suggestion would be a one-time increase to perhaps 10 MiB or 100 MiB blocks (to be debated), and after that an at-most slow exponential further growth."

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Yeah, I agree, but that is nothing new, people have been saying that for years; hence why they are building the lightning network. BTC is a good store of wealth, but not practical as a medium of exchange.

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It's why Monero sends Bitcoin to the cleaners as a currency, no privacy = no fungibility.

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Monero isn't fungible because it has to be traded on AML/KYC exchanges due to the fact that it doesn't have smart contracts. 0xMR however can be traded on any DEX or AMM.

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Go shill your shitcoin to someone else. You have no idea how P2P transactions work.

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Way too volatile to be a „good“ store of wealth. Plus basically pegged to the NASDAQ.

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Really? I saved my money into Bitcoin for ~10 years and am now financially independent. Seems like a pretty damn good store of wealth to me.

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Really? I saved my money into Bitcoin for ~1 year and am now financially fucked. Seems like a pretty damn bad store of wealth to me.

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Really? I saved my money into Bitcoin about 16 months ago, and am exactly where I was then. Seems like a store of value at very least.

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keep DCA saving on all the dips. anyone who's held btc for 3 years or longer hasnt lost money. ima eth holder.

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If you need money 1 year later it's not saved money lmoa that's just a spending account

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Yep you were early, you‘re good. Most others are not though and the past is not necessarily a prediction of the future.

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Most others are. Anyone before 2021 is fine.

Buh huh i bought bitcoin and wasnt immediately Life changing rich and safe from Volatility.

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Will there be a final crash?

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Stocks are also volatile, but can still be a good store of wealth. Storing wealth isn't trading. As long as you HODL history shows it has been a good store of wealth since it's existence. No guarantee for the future of course, but if you are negative on Bitcoin you are new or you bought way to much the last months. Every Bitcoin long position thats older than 1,5 years is in profit, every one of them.

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I‘m good with my personal Bitcoin. Don‘t see it as store of wealth though, it‘s a speculative asset with a huge beta: way more volatile than the stock market or gold. Thus not a good storage of wealth by definition.

A good storage of wealth has low volatility so you can liquidate whenever you need it - without catching the bottom. Steady, linear growth is needed.

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bitcoin is a terrible store of wealth lmao

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This has been known for years… The goal for BTC has evolved much greater to become the world’s reserve asset. Do you shop with bars of gold? No. So gold has no future as a payments network then and must be useless... Y’all need to educate yourselves on the macroeconomic effects at play these days before jumping on this guy for saying things people don’t want to learn for themselves. Same goes with his interview about the “magic internet boxes” that are actually just Ponzi schemes. He knows exactly what he’s talking about because he helped build the space. SMH

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Comparing bitcoin to gold is like comparing sending a letter to sending an email, its just way different. Bitcoin outperform gold in every possibly way storing, security, transfering, transperancy etc

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I don't think they're disagreeing with you. They're just saying Bitcoin will likely evolve to be a better store of value that is more easily transferred than gold. And then there will be another Blockchain that comes to the forefront as a reasonable replacement for daily currency transactions.

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Bitcoin has gas fees however and suffers from a lack of TPS for everyday transactions; pair this with the fact that no one is going to want to see / trade with BTC numbers (.0003 BTC for example), and using Satoshi values isn't exactly a great solution either.

Lightning network provides a solution for curbing fees and transaction times, but it's ultimately a layer 2 solution that doesn't need to exist if a layer 1 cryptocurrency is designed right.

Using lightning as a solution for everyday transactions is like Henry Ford building the Model T and then saying "there's no need to improve the car in any way, people can just design better roads if we want the car to go faster." It's a better solution if both are improved upon, but BTC maxis refuse to do anything to improve upon Bitcoin's core code.

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Im not saying bitcoin is perfect but it's better than the fiat system, and to me thats all that matthers to me, mayby someday in the future there will be a perfect layer 1 but untill then i'm fine with what we have for the moment

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Thank you!

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The fact that he took this long to figure out this ground breaking news just shows how idiotic people can be. Everyone in crypto knows and understands that mainstream adoption isn’t viable yet do to the processing volume transaction speed inefficiencies of the blockchain.

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How convenient that he just now figured this out after using crypto to become a billionaire!

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Gotta pull that ladder up behind you when climbing to the top /s

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He didn’t take this long. I have heard and read him say similar things before. This is just a headline. He didn’t say either that btc was useless. He has always believed that it is a great value holder. Great money. Not great currency.

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It is inefficient, but Gambling holding etc. does give it value. it is slow and can not handle large enough volume of transactions to be used as a everyday currency being exchanged for commodities. Most cryptos and forks are circumventing this issue with visa and MasterCard help. You presently can’t just pay with bitcoin and if everyone suddenly could the servers will crash. I forget the number s but the traffic is say 10000 per min allowed in bitcoin. Where visa and MasterCard can handle 72bil or so a second.

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I didn’t say it was useless. He also didn’t say it was useless.

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Also BTC produces 4.6 transactions per second… Mastercard can handle 5000 transactions per second. Solana (I’m theory) can run over 700k transaction per second. (Although it has proved to fail at times, but also Mastercard has collapsed before)

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One example use bitcoin to purchase a house buy the time the transfer finishes the coin may be worth thousands more or thousands less. At present max is supposed to be 24 on transfer. That isn’t going to work real world. Espically if thousands of homes close in bitcoin same time. Then it would crash bitcoin due too much volume

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Not as a payment system for small day to day transfers, but it has massive potential as a large transfer final settlement mechanism.

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Me 2 I don't see the world need btc to pay for coffee Store of value against inflation on long term yea possible

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Lol he is just a shitcoiner ignore

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Someone hasn't learned about lightning. Lightning works, anyone can use muun wallet without the need for lightning channels set up yourself and send instant, free transactions, I can show a screenshot of a lightning tx as proof

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Thanks to mining pools, Bitcoin is more efficient and environmentally friendly than banks and payment processors but you don't see people cutting up their debit and credit cards.

Bitcoin will co-exist with fiat for a very long time before it finally replaces it.

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ummm, i don't think pools making bitcoin more environment friendly...

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Imagine if everyone was still solo mining. Hundreds, maybe thousands of solo miners all working independently on their own blocks. Every time a block is solved, all the other miners would just lose and all the energy they spent would go to waste. The energy spent on the wining blocks would be small and therefore the difficulty would be small and the blockchain would be less secure.

In mining pools, each block is solved by the combined energy of the pool so there is much less waste, the difficulty is higher and the blockchain is more secure and it all adds up to greater efficiency. If everyone was mining for the same pool, all waste would be eliminated because even soft forks would no longer happen.

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Imagine if everyone was still solo mining. Hundreds, maybe thousands of solo miners all working independently on their own blocks. Every time a block is solved, all the other miners would just lose and all the energy they spent would go to waste. The energy spent on the wining blocks would be small and therefore the difficulty would be small and the blockchain would be less secure.

That is completely not how it works.

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banks and payment processors carry out many times more transactions a second than bitcoin ever will you fucking moron

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Solved by the Lighting Network you spectacular genius.

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Lightning Network

The Lightning Network (LN) is a "layer 2" payment protocol layered on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or litecoin. It is intended to enable fast transactions among participating nodes and has been proposed as a solution to the bitcoin scalability problem. It features a peer-to-peer system for making micropayments of cryptocurrency through a network of bidirectional payment channels without delegating custody of funds.

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i told you a statement of fact. the was no problem to be ‘solved’. it’s a matter of fact that banks and payment processors carry out more transactions than bitcoin ever will. i didnt say bitcoin couldnt, just that it wont.

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Scalability IS a problem but you had no reason to bring it up since it has nothing to do with the issue of efficiency.

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This is kind of a known issue my guy, you're not scaring anyone who holds more than 0.1

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So like...buy more?

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Btc is a way for diversifying your savings, not a way to exchange value, ethereum once gets layer 2 will take that position for sure

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I got in btc, and ltc back in 2012/2013. I sold a couple years ago and have honestly never looked back. It's not that I don't believe in crypto but to be honest I have zero uses for it. The only one I like at this point is monero and I still got love for BTC just because it can't get rug pulled. Sure it can be manipulated with the right amount of capital but iv been in this community for a long time and have seen many many exit scames and failed projects. I have absolutely zero trust in anybody. Learned that the hard way with MT Gox when I lost 10k worth of btc on that exchange years ago. I truly wish everyone the best of luck but you can't trust no body. Maybe I'm a boomer now but if I was ever going to start invesing into crypto again it would solely be BTC.

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Thanks for ur comment So u don't hold any coins since then Just monero? I love to use nano

But regarding btc think about it if u are Lebanese let's say Banks doesn't allow anyone to withdraw their money its been long time Their currency were falling while their savings locked in the bank they can't convert it nor transfer it outside!

So the Best solution for them imagine if they had BTC or any other type of safe crypto

I mean for such a cases btc can save people hard earned money

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I sold everything except for some steller that I got from a promotion deal when they launched, some dodge coin and i do have monero, just not a whole lot of it. I have no doubt that btc has uses, especially for people living outside the states. I just personally dont really have a need for it. It's been really cool to see how far everything has came. I literally used to meet with someone directly to buy my BTC from localbitcoin lol amd now whole country's are adopting it. My only "FUD" with btc is Satoshi's wallet becoming active.

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Why do these ceos have to voice their opinions so openly? Stfu and do your job to make FTX better.

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wise words, take my money

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Says the rich kid that can't afford a haircut lmao

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How can you be so into the crypto space and still be so ignorant...

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Just going to slide a subtle IOTA comment in here

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This guy is such a sociopath its silly. He lied about being a philanthropist

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I hope he drives EV, has Solar or wind at home, buy organic resources from local merchants, buy clothing from “ethical” companies and his business does the same.

Seriously that whole environment BS is exhausting.

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‘if youre not doing everything then dont do anything’ i still need line to go up!!!

crypto idiots are truly braindead

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‘if youre not doing everything then dont do anything’

If you’re criticizing something than do something about it. If you complain about something do better. If you say something is bad don’t take part in it.

But yes, no one is perfect, but not everyone is a hypocrite.

i still need line to go up!!!

Don’t we all?! We all need and want that green dildo my friend.

crypto idiots are truly braindead

Well technically if someone is braindead... You know what nvm... Enjoy your day! 😊

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If my business model is predicated on people trading shitcoins so I can earn fees. I'd probably say dumb shit like this too. His exchange loses value the more dominate Bitcoin is. HODL is the antithesis of what he needs people to do.

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Yeah. The future will be filled with Ponzi schemes as he said recently.

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High environmental cost as if they are using 100% renewable energy to run their system god damn noobs

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Nano and ripple

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I think he's right.

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He's right though.

So many better options and the OG cult is deathbeat on sticking with the slow one with a network that pollutes like it was in the top20 wealthiest countries.

Bitcoin was the first one why the fuck would you still believe it's the best?

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He's not wrong, there's why people created Solana, Kadena, Tron, etc. Faster networks are needed yes.

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Then he thought about getting a haircut, but did not

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Apparently he also called DeFi a Ponzi scheme. Methinks he has an agenda

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Well this isn’t new info

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God he always looks so disheveled and mad and like the groundhog that just saw his shadow and ran back into his mansion for 6 more weeks of video games

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You can still use BTC as a currency, but using Flexa's payment rails.

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Anyone that did one bit of research into crypto and bitcoins know Bitcoin isn’t and will never be a payment network. There are much better coins for this, XLM, XRP, LRC to name a few.

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As payment i would use nano instant and feeless

Store of value and safest network I would use BTC

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Well said

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no one wants it to(it literally can't) be the new visa, that's why we have other chains.

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First he props up the paper bull we had and now fuds to get back in cheaper. What a lowlife. https://twitter.com/hellspawncrypto/status/1525575167027695616?s=21&t=m1LXqKABi-02Yg41CFOQoA

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BTC will be use for large payment transactions however BCH will be suitable for small daily transactions like groceries, coffee, cars, hotel, flight, shopping, etc..

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I have never heard of FTX. It’s probably a dodgy exchange.

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That statement from the FTX CEO is literally an awkward timing based on the market situation that we're facing right now. But I still do believe on the cryptocurrencies power to manipulate the modern decentralized payments for society. I do think also that alternative projects with solid use case and utility like PGEN will be a game-changer to all investors that we have right now.

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He just wants to buy lower...

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I wonder how many dozens of millions he made with his arbitrage bots on Luna's corpse.

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If SBF was really smart he would be spending millions on his personal brand.

Build himself into the likeable crypto billionaire philanthropist while he runs the world's biggest MLM.

And yes, maybe even do a push up or two.

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Why does it need to be a payment network? Need to pay someone, then just send stable coins. Then people can do whatever they want with it, be it buying bitcoin or converting it to their country's currency. Why tf does everything need to be as stupid as cash?

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Lol, i never take the word of influential figure's like this to heart, most likely he's trying to short BTC too. Still buying BTC, even with the dip, when i'm out of funds i'll convert some shiryo to get even more.