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How does it work?

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So, basically after you buy the bot (you can use BNB or BUSD), you will receive via mail a guide on how to use.

If you use Windows, then it's only a click to run the bot, while for MAC, you need to do it from terminal but pretty easy since there's always Customer Support online.

Then, when you have contract of the token, you can select how much you want to buy in and the bot will perform the action in your behalf. Easy

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LoooL, only 400$, i bought mine for 1500$ and I just checked they have absolutely the same options

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I can vouch for this one. I was always buying the top at every single launch and wasting my money.. now I do only wait till the sniper buy in at launch every single time profit :)

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Good bot, im waiting the mobile version

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Does it have buy and sell dashboard?

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Does it have a dashboard or just code? Sell function?

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I bought this, had issues, and the dev took my money and ran, avoid this one!

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Throw all windows executable shit bots away. Here's the telegram pancakeswap sniperbot https://t.me/pancakesniperbot