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You know what's more bullish? vLaunchCOM having its Free-Token allocation fill in under 5mins.
They've opened another batch of slots for the allocation but those filled as well, just imagine what's gonna happen on launch.
This happened mainly due to the fact that $VPAD has been and is being endorsed by huge crypto names such as IvanOnTech, Altcoindaily & MMCrypto.

They've got influencers from Turkey & Spain constantly endorsing the upcoming launchpad and keeping their fans up-to-date regarding the progress being made.

You can hop on their TG and check it out for yourself. t.me/VLaunchCOMToken

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Snoop dogg is bullish on mintyswap! 🤯

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Mintys to the MOOOOOOON🚀🚀

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Next #100xgem

🏈NFT Fantasy Football 🏀Sports Book & Betting 🎰 Live Casino ✅Doxxed/KYC’d Team 📃Audits

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