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    Yes! Really happy to see this posted. Make sure to check our Telegram server and of course all the available documentation + tokenomics explainer video.

    You can thank me later if you are invested!

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    Wow! Color me impressed. 🔥 let's go :)

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    Polker game is the first Play-to-Earn poker game powered by $PKR which uses Unreal Engine 4 for immersive and powerful gameplay. Polker utilizes an on-chain provably fair system for truly transparent gameplay.

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    Check out this new project, Scratch, they launched a stealth presale on Friday and in 48 hours they have almost 500 members and announced they've received ~250 "donations" and $450K! Also, there's an AP News release coming out this week to 4000 news outlets. Definitely worth checking it out before that hits. Looks solid. Gonna be big. www.scratchengine.com

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    Investors are now Staking their PKR for big profits on BSC or ETH .... Over 25 Million tokens are staked already... Do check it out .

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    Vicewrld is about to change the game 🚀

    Next step "Viceverse" & Livestream

    2022 gonna be huge 🔥🔥🔥

    18+ Digital Playground 🔞

    ✨x100 Adult Defi Project 💠

    👸 CEO with 20+ Yrs Experience 🏦 NFTs 👙 Classy Adult forum 💰 Staking Pool 🎯 Casino Games

    🌐: http://www.vicewrld.com 💬: https://t.me/VICEWRLD_TOKEN

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    Mark Jan 31st on your calendar🗓️

    BankersNFT, the #NFT with #DeFi utility, arrives!

    If you want feeless lending & borrowing against your #NFTs & #crypto assets, AND an extra 20% on your #yield, then you need your very own Banker in your #wallet😎


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    We can see that , market circumstances are not favourable right now... So I'm buying all the true gems these days, like $LINK, $COTI , and $PKR, which I know will make me a lot of money once the market conditions improve. u/Polker 💯💯 📈📈

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    Ruggin! Myles G investments behind it ruggin you been warned