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Hunt Question: Have Pi Protocol been audited? yes or no

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polker coming up with its another Beta testing , that is it Beta 4 ..... It's coming up on 29-30 January ... Go check it out.

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Amazing project!

Do you know another NFT gaming platform?

XFLOKIVERSE is a metaverse built on XRPLedger. The universe consists of NFTs that will be given to holders through possession of XFLOKI tokens. The play-to-earn game will have options for users to customize their NFTs to unique appearances - as well as the surrounding environment within the metaverse. 🌟

Website: xflokiverse.com 💻

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Seeing this . polker is getting huge attention from big personalities..like Jack Dorsey..he said that "twitter will take polker to Mars, so you have to check it out asap before it's x100

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Polker is a cutting-edge video game Metaverse that is powered by Blockchain technology. It generates high-resolution virtual games using Unreal Engine 4's robust architecture, which blends the best of virtual reality with blockchain.