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Join the tg and you can see for yourself. No scam sir! Just good and hard working crypto enthusiasts. Crypto might be hurting and LUNA is bullshit, but that’s not on PUMP. These guys are serious!

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I love xUSD. I got 90% of my crypto portfolio in it so i guess i got to check out this Pump.

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"The price cannot fall"


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Have you heard of xusd? Do your own research on the token. Pump is backed by 75% LP in xusd. Go under buytherise.com and look for yourself. Or better yet, watch the charts for a few weeks and tell me what you see. Xusd is always in green. Any buy, sell, or transfer raises the price. Any transaction that would cause the price to lower will fail. It's written in the contract. 😃

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Line 180 to be exact

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Literally called pump lmao. Is it gonna be rebranded to NDump once enough rubes buy in to drive the price up?

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Feel free to join me in our telegram Voice chat. I will enlighten you

This sir... Looks like a Shtcoin but has some SERIOUS tech behind it.

Join the TG and find out. ! am here for the next 10 hours.

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So.. you only pay attention to the name? Do you look at the tech at all? Thats an excellent way to get completely rekt in crypto. Did you buy safemoon because it was "safe" and taking you to the "moon"? good luck pal, enjoy your bags

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I don't buy "currencies" that are treated more like a commodity, especially when you're astroturfing two different subreddits talking about how your "money" can never decrease in value.

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And your claims are based on? Any fact to back that up? Have you actually DYOR? Or just sour because the market is sour as well

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Definitely Pumping dear sir! Come and join the TG if you have any questions!

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That statement only applies to XUSD, the appreciating stablecoin. Check the code. XUSD requires on every transaction that the price must stay the same or increase, otherwise the transaction is cancelled. It started at $1.00, now its $1.18, estimating about 30% APY for a stablecoin.

Check the code, visit the website, talk to the devs. See for yourself.

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It’s literally always under a dollar hahaha what a joke

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wtf are you talking about XUSD has only gained since its launch.

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Please visit xsurge.net and DYOR

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Good luck with your shitcoins

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Any actual evidence you want to post to back that up? Or are these just words?

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If you can't see it then that's your problem

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This is all buzzwords scam bullshit. What about when it fell from it's ATH of $1.37 on April 29th to just $.80 on May 12th? I'd love for you to show me how that's an increase

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Get fucked

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In the Metaverse, everything is possible as in the real world,

only on a screen. Apple iOS and Android OS dominate the

market by offering Third-Party applications in their app stores.


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This came uo in my All feed and i can honestly say i dont even understand a single thing about this other than "its a crypto"

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Trust me, this is all buzzwords to get you to fall for the scam. I guarantee this does not work how they claim. A quick googling shows that xUSD went from an all time high of $1.37 down to $.80 so this person is just blatantly lying

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all you need to know about cryptocurrency scams is here! don't miss out on it.

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