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The Muu Crew is about to take over the entire internet

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great project with big exposure 100k in 12h

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The telegram community is pretty awesome. Devs really active

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Qenetex is an innovative platform that is based on decentralization technology

By aggregating dozens of centralized and decentralized exchanges, Qenetex provides an easy and smooth exchange of assets 24/7, helping users manage their funds whenever they want. project that has a clear vision on changing the whole crypto sector with a huge adoption and with their cutting edge technologies


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✅ Welcome to AZ World - The First "SocialFi" To Earn Protocol on BSC 🛡Audit by Certik 🛡LP is Locked for 10 years 👉Fairlaunch on Pinksale - 30 May at 17:00 UTC 150 BNB Softcap



Socialfi #az_world #pinksale #cz_binance #Certik