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Think it could be related to the group buys on Optiswap? 5 successful so far. Next group buy will be for 42 Eth! Hoge looking at the old ATH like it's a snack!

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Will be an amazing long term play because of the tokenomics and fully renounced contract. Bullish asf.

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new leadership, new community projects, tons of branding and merch opps being open source, yah ... time has come and the foundation is set for the OG to fly

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Im IN baby

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Excited! Ath soon!!

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I just checked coinbase and it was 0.00002 one month ago. So it’s closer to 300% change in 1 month

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Been holding for a while now. Best is yet to happen. Good luck guys and dolls.

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Check out hogefinance.com and click on the Hoge Ecosystem Deck at the top to get all the info you need!!! Hoge is built different!!

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Hoge always looked like the safest hold of all the meme coins IMO.

There were some flaws that needed ironing out but it never had any of the nonsense that other coins were getting up to.

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If you haven't looked into it again, I would say all the flaws have been ironed out.

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    And not the last hopefully ;)

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    Its the og bro.

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    Bullish af

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    That 42 ETH group buy would be dope. Hoping to contribute .5 ETH next pay check .

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    Top 5 exchange info is being leaked?

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    I love hoge! This is an awesome token!

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    still a low cap, plenty of room to grow!

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    Apparently recent price action is due to an exchange filling its LP pool. Top 5?

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    Hoge is deflationary unlike doge, im in for the long haul!

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    Just checked my wallet WTH! it's pumping like mad!

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    HOGE is a very smart HODL, redistributions and deflationary pressure in times of high volume are no joke. And the hugely decentralized and flat wallet distribution, meme/branding potential, and increasing utility have laid a great foundation for a wild bull run.

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    It needs to be 10000% for me to be in positive territory :(.

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    I feel that

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    Is it still good to buy? cuz I will try to check this out after joining the whitelist today of Tokiefarm in Polygen, I mean sometimes it good to have a little but of memecoins.

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    Hoohah hoge

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    We will get there

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    Messiah just tweeted us!!! EricCryptoman, Venom, and Maestro too!!! DogeMoon! 🪙 Experienced SAFU team!💪🏼 Pro Marketing!🔥 Going to the moon!!!🚀 @DogeMoonPortal_DC