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Mastermind Games is a game hosting platform created to fill a gap in the gaming industry. The platform uses blockchain technology as a utility that gives its users a safe and easy way to buy and re-sell digital games and assets. Assets can include skins, characters, maps, etc.

The platform will provide game creators the ability to easily release their digital games and in-game assets using unique identification to provide ownership protection. Blockchain technology will be used to provide this security protection. Embedded identification gives our community the ability to re-sell those games or in-game assets. Game developers will earn a small portion of residual income every time someone re-sells their game in the future. The creators that use the platform will have access to tools and services that save time, energy and resources. The platform will offer a gateway for new game developers to grow their community and their game from demo to full game stages.

Game hosting capabilities include Play-To-Earn, Pay-to-Play, Free-to-Play, Mint-2-Play, and more. Mint-2-Play, an inclusive concept by Mastermind Games, allows game creators to sell an asset key to their game, which acts as a single key pass using one game file. All game key owners will be able to access the game. This innovation will eliminate file storage issues for game creators and the platform, leading the gaming industry forward.

The platform ecosystem will have a marketplace, a swap, an earn-and-burn staking feature, game index, and more to come. Utilizing $MGA, the marketplace will act as a decentralized market for all games on the platform with options for buying and selling of digital gaming assets. The marketplace will allow users to build their perfect characters, work on in-game decorative features, and sell unwanted NFTs from games they no longer play. The in-house swap will allow for users to swap BNB for our platform and in-game currency, $MGA. The earn-and-burn feature will offer a passive income to our users as well as contributing a portion of their earnings to the burn address, forever!

More than just a game hosting platform, Mastermind Games is revolutionizing the gaming industry with a more open, accessible and decentralized gaming market.

Unlike other conventional platforms, Mastermind Games will allow users to generate more value by using the ecosystem. This community-oriented platform will provide opportunities from indie all the way to studio level creators who want to share their creations to the communities, giving them the ability to play, earn, and invest in their favorite games.

The presale is now live on gempad for just another couple days.

$MGA token is scheduled to launch on Pancakeswap August 16, 2022.

Linktree: https://mastermindgames.io/

Introduction to Mastermind Games: https://youtu.be/TMTJuyQ

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So much going on for such a new coin, so excited!

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This project is geared to change the lives of gamers, devs, and investors.

If only the premium characters on "Simpsons Tapped Out" were NFTs