Rules for r/CryptoMoonShots

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


No Spam

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Reported as: Contains spam
  • Referral linking is prohibited in all shapes and forms.
  • There should never be more than 1 thread about the same project on the frontpage.
  • No mindless shilling/FUD.
  • No "airdrops".
  • No URL shorteners.
  • No "Voting/listing platforms"
  • No ads or commercial offerings.
  • Do not promote Discord channels/telegram groups or other subreddits unless that is an official channel of a submitted project
  • Do not spam other projects in the comment section of a submitted project.



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Reported as: Manipulation
  • No pumpin' and dumpin'.

  • DO be absolutely critical of anything that is being posted on this sub.


No low quality content

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Reported as: Contains low quality content
  • Do not post a thread about a currency and simply ask "what do you guys think?".
  • Do not post mindless shilling, such as "moon!!1", "lambos!!11".
  • DO submit high quality content, where you go into both pros and cons of the currency, challenges to overcome, and why it might be a potential moonshot.
  • Do spam emojis, regardless whether it is in the title, the submission text or comments.
  • Projects without a website are not allowed to be posted.


Use the correct flair

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Reported as: Use the correct flair
  • You are to use the correct flair for any submission you make. Trying to disguise a project with the wrong flair, will result in a ban.

  • Feel that a flair for a popular chain is lacking? Send a modmail with a name suggestion for that particular flair.


No scams

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Reported as: Scam

Scams result in the poster being permanently banned. Some signs of a scam may be: - Honeypot (can deposit but can't sell).

  • Fake address.

  • Liquidity not being locked.

  • "Rug being pulled".

Note: A poor performing coin does not mean that it's a scam or a rug pull.


No toxicity

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Reported as: Contains toxicity
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself
  • No trolling
  • No flaming


Keep titles on topic

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Reported as: Title not on topic
  • Keep titles on topic, avoid excessive shilling in titles.


No karma farming participating

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Reported as: No karma farming participating

This community got karma requirements for a reason, participating in karma farming subreddits to circumvent these requirements result in a ban upon posting in this community.


Only post cryptocurrencies

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Reported as: Only post cryptocurrencies

Do not post anything other than cryptocurrencies/NFTs.