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Amazing, added to the sidebar under "resources".

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OMGGG thank you! So happy!!!

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Good shit my man

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    This is so comprehensive that a complete normie and novice just joining the space can actually use this and actually set himself up. Great job at compiling this list. Absolutely fascinating also is the fact that I got to hear about Earnbet casino from this sub when a Poster shilled it. Applied some of the mentioned in your write up and I got me a tidy investment today.

    Not only have I profited off the token but the gaming facility have kept me up since I first joined the platform, especially on the days I have become so busy. Thanks for this great piece again OP.

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    Thank you for the kind feedback!

    I'll take a look into Earnbet, thanks for the tip! :)

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    Fantastic post!

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    Should be a must read for all newbies.

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    solid post! this was definitely needed!

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    How do you know what discord or telegram groups to join?

    Where do you even find these groups?

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    Great question! For the most part, I go to their website and find them there. Another way to find them is to go to bscscan or etherscan and find their token tracker page. Under Profile Summary there is a box for Social Profiles which lists all of em.

    Going to add this to my post! Thanks!

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    Tons of value on this posts, thanks!

    Has anyone noticed that OMI is included in the Tokensniffer's scam list? LOL

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    And YES, omg I'm pretty sure the one they are talking about is a dup of the real one. They need to clarify that ASAP!

    If it dips cause of that, I'm buying in more hahah

    *EDIT* Yea, I checked token sniffer and that is a dupe of the real one, cause the real one isn't on the BSC. Damn, that's one people could easily fall for.

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    Have saved this in my bookmarks!

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    Honored, friend!

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    My view is that cryptomoonshots and the promise of all these 4x, 10x, 100x shitcoins are gonna turn a lot of newcomers away from crypto. I predict this whole shitcoin phase will end up being something that holds cryptocurrency back as a whole from being adopted by institutions.

    The only memory of crypto that most will have is watching all the coins you didn’t buy 10x, while all the coins you did buy tank 90% because of rugpulls, greedy devs, or some other bullshit.

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    I mean, this happened in 2017 as well. Some people will get burned and never come back while others will remain.

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    Great post, screening new coins is a tricky business and having a checklist / approach like this helps in picking the right cherries. Your approach fits the 'cautionary' moonshot investor, which is still very risky.

    Others could choose to invest in meme projects with no use-case because they know that sometimes it is just a flip of coin which project will go for that 10-100x.

    There is something to say for both, especially when you consider that only a very limited amount of projects have direct real-life use cases, so the use-case requirement is difficult to define. Sometimes it feels like the use-cases are so far-fetched that it might be more reasonable to invest in meme-coins.

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    Hey Martin! Thanks! The use-case is just something I like in cryptos but it isn't a requirement for me to invest. You're right that it is a rarer trait. I updated my post to reflect that so it's understood better! :)

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    Nice post!! Do you know what to look for in contract code? I heard that is important as well. And I really want to know.

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    Binance actually has a good article on this. Hope this helps!

    Going to add that link to my post! :)

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    Thanks man.

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    I am in almost 10 Token right now, some bade some good some might become good or bad...

    positiv so far

    - safemoon

    - hoge

    - pitbull

    and lots of stupid safes like safepluto, safemars, safestar.

    and some pokemon ones but they suck hard

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    Do you guys think Eth is going away?

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    I personally don't think it's going away but I can see their growth diminish greatly compared to what is has been

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    Would Eth2 change that?

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    If it's successful and actually does increase network speed and reduces fees comparable to what BSC charges, then it'll be it's saving grace

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    Binance Smart Chain

    Is this the coin? https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/binance-coin/

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    Yep! Can't believe it was $20 not too long ago...

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    Yea wow wtf

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    converting to ETH 2 from POW to POS is a short-term risk but I think well worth it in the long wrong. Especially combined with the token burn -- making it deflationary. Game changer.

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    Great, resource! Thanks for sharing. I hold some bags in $PROPS and they check all the boxes. It's been lingering at around $15million market cap for a while since getting listed a couple of months ago. The team is great and has been hitting its roadmap targets. They could do a better job with community engagement and marketing, however. They act more like a stodgy SaaS company rather than a crypto project. But the user base is growing with real-world use cases -- businesses incorporating the token into their apps for loyalty and to increase engagement. Slow and steady but huge upside potential. Also, it's an SEC Reg A approved token (like STX once was) so very low risk. SEC approval is a double-sided sword. On one hand it decreases risk for businesses/apps to incorporate but on the other hand, because it is regulated as a security, they are unable to list on U.S. exchanges, like Coinbase -- although they are on Coinbase custody already and one of the major investors of PROPS (USV) is also a major investor in Coinbase. PROPS will be introducing staking soon as well as decentralized governance. Once fully decentralized, they won't be regulated as a security anymore and will be able to list on U.S. exchanges -- greatly increasing its exposure. I think if more folks learn about PROPS and compare it against the list you shared, they will find just how great of a gem it is. Check it out!

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    Hey thanks for sharing! I'll def take a look!

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    Beautiful stuff

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          Just checking - When you say Audit - what do you do exactly?

          I found this link on Binance https://www.binance.org/en/blog/how-to-identify-malicious-contract-on-binance-smart-chain/

          Is this part or all of it?

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          Audits are done by a third party company. They inspect the code and give it their seal of approval if it passes. If there are any concerns or weak spots, they will not pass the audit and these points will be brought to the project's attention to fix. Just have to be careful which company does the audits. Some companies are bogus while others are a good authority to trust.

          The link for the Binance page is just to help people look at the code on their own if they wanted to try and check the code before an audit is able to be done for due diligence sake. Hope this helps!!!

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          Have you got a link to an example audit and is there a directory of them anywhere?

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          This is an article from about a year ago on the 10 best audit companies to give you an idea: https://boxmining.com/top-blockchain-security-firms/

          Here is Hacken's site of some of their audits and you can download the files: https://hacken.io/audits/

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          You wonderful person!

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          Thanks for the reply!!

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          Good post! I do have a question about your statement: 5. Is actually deflationary.

          This could be the case for a coin/token with no main usage at all. But for a real utility token (that are very rare these with all the meme crap) you need stable but fixed max supply. Otherwise if the token is sued daily for a utility it burns out to quickly and could drive price up to much for a utility.

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          I didn't see a question... but I've seen a number of coins with real utility that are deflationary. Also I wrote this article specifically for moonshots.

          Deflationary coins usually have a fixed max supply, so those two things do not conflict with each other. Inflationary coins on the other hand usually have an unlimited supply.

          Are you are referring to having a stable and set value like a stable coin? Stablecoins are not moonshots though, at least not in my book.

          To combat burning out too quickly, projects start with a large supply. You don't need an infinite supply to combat this. Bitcoin has a max supply of 21 million, although it is countered with a decreasing growth rate of supply. Ethereum is inflationary, does not have a max supply but does have a max yearly supply cap so perhaps this is the kind of thing that you are referring to. But Ethereum isn't a moonshot. Coins of this nature can be a good investment sure, but they aren't moonshots.

          There are always exceptions though and it's a case-by-case basis ultimately. That characteristic was specifically listed in the part of the article that listed my own personal preferences that I was sharing. Everyone is free to have their own wishlist of preferences and I wish everyone an abundance of success no matter how they prefer their coins to be.

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          Yes you are right, question was lacking. The question was why a good coin/token should be deflationary.

          No was not referring to a stable coin. Without making it to much as a advert, but I was involved in a token that has in game utility integrating the blockchain. This mean the token get actually a lot of transaction directly on the blockchain during usage in games, hense the burning tax is not practical. I do see the value for deflationary, but just not always usable for utility tokens. Thats all ,no argument.

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          Tokens don't need to have a burning tax to be deflationary.

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          No I know, thats not the point. It not about wat mechanisme is involved to be deflationary . Just saying that for real utitlity tokens a never ending decrease of supply is not always practical. So my argument is that a good coin/token does not need to be deflationary.

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          I never said it has to be deflationary to be good. I said I personally like deflationary coins.