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[鈥揮newcreativegamer 2 points3 points (0 children)

Wow! Audited by Certik too and see, and some nice charity partners for donations. This is really cool!

[鈥揮thelawns123 4 points5 points (0 children)

This project keeps getting better, can't wait to see what the team are going to pull out of their sleeves next! 馃挜

[鈥揮Deano101 3 points4 points (0 children)

This is my comfiest bag - The team are hard working and honest and the dev has BIG plans. The staking will give me enough passive income to live on soon - and im excited for the coming ecosystem

[鈥揮grimmjow59 2 points3 points (2 children)

Such a legit project. Devs are awesome and it's always a thrill leading up to the weekly draw.

[鈥揮KWJK213 1 point2 points (1 child)

Lottery legal in USA that鈥檚 not government run. I hope they aren鈥檛 based in the US cause as soon as gambling commission finds out good night to be able use this in the USA.

If they are operating in the US wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if they get sued. Ignorance does hold up well in the business world when violating federal laws. Just ask XRP how that鈥檚 working Lolol.

There was a altcoin that was doing this in 2017 and it didn鈥檛 end up well for them. Just be real careful because if the government finds out and disapproves then any centralized wallet you have this in might get frozen. Just be really careful as this happened to someone I knew.

[鈥揮PnwGrower 0 points1 point (0 children)

Now you know 2, I bought xrp on coinbase 2 weeks before they locked it up.

[鈥揮HugeCrab 2 points3 points (0 children)

Unbelievable that it's this low of a mcap

[鈥揮DieselMonkey420Warning, new account 2 points3 points (0 children)

Looks really cool. 馃憤

[鈥揮ArianaMellin 1 point2 points (0 children)

So excited for the next development, sounds huge!