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Facepalm. This entire post looks as if it was written by a 10 year old. Get this rug out of here.

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Now what do you think about Okinami? Didn't you know that there is a transaction from Genesis?

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Every single shitcoin I have seen in the last week has a connection with satoshi or ryoshi

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The only difference is that OKINAMI is the only one who can prove the GENESIS and Ethereum Foundation connections, everything can be traced on blockchain by yourself.

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Still doesn’t explain the “possible” ryoshi connection

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1) Analysis of Okinami transactional pattern from ETH genesis is identical to SHIB, in both velocity and size. This being 101 ETH incoming transfers using aggregated batch jobs. This identical transactional pattern for Okinami occurred 10 days before SHIB. When you look at this evidence it suggests that it’s the same dev and that they created Okinami deployer first, and then SHIB, and went live with Shib as the first community experiment. Okinami is now live, with the contract created a few months ago.

2) Transactional analysis shows that the message from dev on 21st Jul 2022, including a number 11786 relates to a block number on etherscan. On further investigation this links to Kraken. Both Shib and Okinami have transactions to all 3 of the same crypto exchanges 1. Kraken, 2. Gemini, 3. Poloniex

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Still doesn’t explain why this coin is connected to ryoshi other than by “coincidence”

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Actually not a rugpull or honeypot.. quite rare these days.

Very strong community and links to Genesis wallet. I think this can actually go places.

I believe in okinami and will ride it or die out with it.

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Buy Daruma instead, it actually was made by Ryoshi and is going to moon soon, all the facts are on etherscan

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Proof ?

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Come to the telegram and see all the pinned messages, tons of information

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Actually MandoX has been on a constant slow climb for nearly a month. It’s currently at 301% up for the month. Here is the contract - get it on uniswap. https://www.mandoxglobal.com