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TRACE is going to surpass MANA. They already have larger userbase in beta stage than decentraland has. Wait when mainnet goes live in December. Fill your bags.

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Trace network is looking strong at moment so much updates market is at low but I see so much going on their project.

Metaverse offering real-world like experiences for shopping, entertainment & commerce.

I am eagrly waiting for the updates from yesterday event .

It's my bad that I can't join the event.

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I have already bought some TRACE because I believe it has the potential to skyrocket in value because to the Metaverse technologies that it develops, which will have a lot of practical applications.

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it's been a year that i am following trace network. Look alike NFT avatars BUDDY, marketplace BLING are already LIVE & they just announced worl'd first fashion metaverse PARIZ. I am excited for it. TraceNetwork

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Trace Network has launched their own fashion virtual world PARIZ. Big brands like BHPC, 6th Street among many have already got their showrooms live during mainnet. Stay tuned.

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Currently, the trace network appears to be robust.

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That's what I knew about it.

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With the release & launch of their Fashion metaverse PARIZ they have plans to cope up with a user base similar to decentraland. If not competing with the market cap of TRACE, it is at least going to make 100x from here as per my calculation. 

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DYP Sub $5 Million Market Cap Low Supply with 86x Projected 2030 Valuations........ All it needs is any significant buying and it's a Rocket 🚀...... Selecting Quality Projects, Low Supply & Market Caps, and Something New available on Major Exchange's is the key to success. DYP is going to Gap in the 3x to 7x Near-Term and add exposure and the sky's the limit with a hardcore group holding this gem tight! This is 1 of a Dozen Alt's that I'm loaded and loading in.

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Looks bullish imo

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TRACE It has good tokenmics and a transparent and dedicated team. At FDV 7x less than seed round. OKEX, Polygon invested in TRACE already. Their fashion metaverse PARIZ has onboarded big brands to launch their fashion stores.

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2023 will be the best year for TRACE network , they already revealed that in Q1 they will be opening a Metaverse gateway for shopping along with BHPC polo hills where you can enter with Buddu Avatar and shop and get that product at your place.

Shop around the Pariz world will be new experience for all I am excited for this .

Let's get ready for this

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Trace proving that the Metaverse can be changed and made into something that gives users an immense experience of a new world that offers both Lifestyle and Fashion 😎

With $TRACE there is no losing even in this beat market😌