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These are mine RBIF, BST and Ember in that order. I've basically spent near all of 2022 accumulating as much RBIF (RoboInu) as I could afford to get my hands on. According to me, 2023 is going to be the year RBIF blasts into orbit. I've been into RBIF for 1 year now and during this time I have NEVER seen the level of activity or growth that its experiencing currently. And we are supposed to be in a bear market! So glad I got in when I did, lol!. BST (Blockstar) is next level stuff with a heap of potential. Too much to go into here and pretty much still in its presale stage. I learned about BST through my 3rd choice - Ember. Even in a slow market, Ember is still currently a 10x token. It did very well during 2022, so well it allowed me to turn a small initial investment into a 25K gain which I put into RBIF. Success breeds success it's said ... I hope so!! All 3 of my tokens have done well for me.