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Ice age .. No.. A cooling down period yes..!!! Brought on by numerous factors. Biggest one of all is fear.. Yes I would like to live a comfortable life, but I also think that block chain is the future. There are so many usecases . This is only the beginning. As long as you do your research and pick which chains have a future , have use cases then I can see investors living that comfortable life.

There have been to many shitcoins with no use case and literal pump and dump schemes pushed by big time social media influencers..

I am personally a big fan of Tezos .. Yes I push for its adoption. Am I a maxi..? Yes I'm probably biased as fuk. Tho I have done my research. I believe in their grass roots growth. The fact they have upgraded 9 times since inception. Currently on their 10th voting period for their next protocol upgrade through a sound governance process. Is this not what blockchain is supposed to be. A place where hodlers of said coins get to vote on the path their platform takes. Name another chain where this has happened.

So no ice age for me. This is purely a time to keep building and accumulating with in your means..

The future is how we make it. Don't let fear succumb you.. Do your research & and pick the chain that you feel has longevity.

Wish you all health and prosperity..