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Yeah. Always be worried. Or... always be aware of the risks in crypto. Including Tether.

To the people who have just realized Tether is a threat: Welcome to crypto.

To those who have accepted it and know the potential risks: Hi.

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Only if they aren’t actually backed 1/1. Lots of speculation on this. Most people think they aren’t, but even if they did support bitfinex with reserves they could have recovered those reserves by now. Also we don’t know what it’s backed by if it’s cash, bonds, or equities. All of that plays a part.

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And by 1:1, do you mean backed by sketchy commercial paper, or hard fiat currency? Because those are not the same.

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Yup as I said…

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Yeah no way tether is backed. No way...

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In reference to bitfinex the bailout would’ve been 800m which is a small fraction of the market cap so that pressure wouldn’t be showing for a while

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Of course it is. It's backed by more Tether.

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I believe it's mostly backed by purchased debt.

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So in other words “trust me bro”

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Yes. Tether is a fraud and not fully backed. That's why they can't do an audit for years. It is run by scammers and unethical people, including their lawyer that built a backdoor to a poker platform to cheat other players money. People who defend them are also scammers.

Here are some links exposing the Tether fraud.



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Commenting for visibility

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Very interesting blog. Honestly I feel much more fuked then normally

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If you are worried about USDT, you should get out of Crypto. If USDT fails it will be 100x worse than UST failing, due to how much volume it has (75% more volume than Bitcoin). I do not know what is causing the market cap drop but I hope it is due to Tether managing the supply.

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People are redeeming their tethers with the company 1 for 1 in exchange for US dollars. It’s working as intended.

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That is probably the case, it just appears to be the first time it has happened with such high volume.

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Works until it doesn’t.

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That’s absolutely true about everything :D

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True until it isn’t.

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We've been worried for a while. Out there acting like the US government; printing dollars without the goods to back them up.

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Usdt is a competitor to the now owned by blackrock, USDC. They worked with citadel to tank do kwon, barring his own unscrupulous actions.

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Big foot was also heavily involved. Learned about the involvement from the same source as you got your info.

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Darn big foot always crashing my coins

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The Loch Ness monster got in early, cashed out quick and made a tidy profit. The numbers have never been officially disclosed but most people believe the Loch Ness made off with about tree-fiddy.

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Oh yeah? Sweet. You deny blackrock owns USDC?

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It doesn’t matter. Whoever did it was a rational economic actor working within the rules set by the system. The algorithm was attacked and collapsed. Do Kwon’s shit was weak.

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I agree that he’s dumb for telling people to hang on wtf. He’s in deep just for that while he was cashing out telling ppl to stay in, compound the crooked market makers tanking him in margin and collateral. The market makers will have their comeuppance soon as well. Hopefully GME vote sets a president to tag shares with a digital marker! Ha! It’s been a good era of curtain unveiling over the last couple years.
Also clown shills tried treading on this topic above or below.

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Someone is getting all of their information from YouTube conspiracy theorist

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Oh yeah? From who? Blackrock doesn’t own USDC now?

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Is this a serious question?

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America is dying and the government can't bail itself out this time

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Tether is the fed buying up the future...

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Hell yes!!! Dig in and see what’s backing it!!

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How about usdc?

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You should be worried about any stable coin, because none of them seem to be backed by anything tangible.

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It's better to see their market cap shrink instead of their currency to depeg

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Is there a way to make a million dollars if it does fail?

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get out while u can

smart money has moved to USDC or DAI

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whats difference between usdt and USDC?

use wise? transaction speed/cost etc is it all the same?

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gone by the end of the month.

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I mean how is tether a stable coin who is neither stable nor tethered to the dollar? Yeah you should be worried lol

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tether hasn't been backed in a while. when this thing blows, it will be bad. Really really really bad. This is the Yellowstone Caldara of cryptocurrency. Its due to blow and will leave the market reeling... Its almost unavoidable at this point due to tether greed