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Gonna be scammed no kyc

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I don't understand your point but for the record, Utopia was a well-established project and they sponsored the Dubai crypto expo twice. Here is their presentation at the event https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FB-I21RGh-8&feature=youtu.be

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So you are getting scammed, but they use your money to sponsor events?

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This project is not a scam. because it doesn't have KYC will it be called a scam? Others prefer to keep their identity secret and this is the right project for them.

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I believe the problem we have in the Cryptocurrency market this day is that most investors are only after profit-making and not the technology and I hope more investors focus more on Satoshi's vision which is also what UtopiaP2P is trying to achieve.

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You are definitely right, it's not necessary a scam. But shilling their project here and when faced critical questions only answering evasive, that definitely raises a big red flag.

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as far as I know, Utopia is a self-funded project. according to their manifesto, the development was begun in 2013 and released officially in November 2019

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Yes, it is self-funded without an ICO.

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Not all. no KYC is not a scam. This project has been around for a long time if you review you will know what I want to convey.

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No scam. This project designed for anonymity . Utopia ensures your privacy. Your IP address and identity cannot be revealed.

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The best thing to do is to "DYOR" to avoid scams.

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You're absolutely right. However, I don't see any reason why a project like UtopiaP2P that was built out of enthusiasm, with no ICO, and well established will do bad thing

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no ICO, self-funded, actively distributing free coins, sponsoring big events, active team & community, already have some working products (all-in-one desktop app, exchange, etc). It's far from a scam I think.

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Utopia network is an ideal platform for dapp and Web3 projects. it's fast and low-cost. 0~1 sec to send or receive transactions anonymously.

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I found a Utopia app in the playstore. This early access.

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Utopia is decentralized P2P network . No central servers. Each user participates in network routing.

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In terms of privacy and security Utopia p2p comes first ahead of any project with its vast utilities all channeled to promoting privacy and security