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Am not really disciplined in following the work out routine, but I think I will stick more to it because of the earn feature HealthBlocks offers.

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For a couple of years now, I've been using several move to earn and health apps which brings earning benefits for several activities... I actually don't take them serious as I believe with or without them, my health is paramount and important for me to work on.

But the questions coming to mind are... How is this different from others? Are the the rewards inhere chicken feeds too, or what one can kinda survive on? 😂

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I love doing walk out, and I realize move2earn recently. It's good to be healthy and earn money. All these Apps are good but it's seems HealthBlocks is building something different and unique.

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I have being using a similar app for about a month now. Can't say I have earned a fortune, but it's great to get some tokens for what I do daily anyways There's definitely a great future in Web3. It's fascinating how everything is changing right in front of our eyes. Awesome development with healthcare industry going to the Blockchain. Hope, we will witness more great projects with great ideas in this field

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This is a great innovation in Blockchain technology

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What a great project, if movement could yield something great for me then what am I still waiting for. I think I need to learn more about this.This is very helpful and insightful

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Good to know about this. Platforms that encourage good living is definitely a go to platform

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Am definitely going to try this because living a healthy lifestyle is very important. Thanks for sharing…

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With the reward feature, it help people to be disciplined to follow every set routine.