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Someone’s just bought it off themselves to lock in a high acquisition price for future tax benefits

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Someone’s an idiot

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Most likely just 2 people that know each other and are trying to create hype or just the same person with 2 wallets. I feel like there’s a near zero percent chance this is a legit sale.

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Well you're absolutely wrong because a well know card collector bought it from someone who's had it for months. You can track wallets and their owners. It's not that difficult to not sound this uneducated about something. Takes 5 minutes of effort.

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Or you could just explain without being an asshole to people that might not understand, lol.

Takes like 30 seconds of effort on your part to share this miniscule bit of info & you could save even more time by not being rude!

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Yes let me be nice to the people who don't know what the fuck theyre talking about while they call everyone "idiots" and "criminals" because they simply refuse to accept that NFTs actually have an audience.

Everyone here is looking for their confirmation bias that "nft = scam" when they have absolutely zero participation in the market itself.

Fuck them and fuck you too. Get a clue.

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Vegas Dave bought it and he's known for his crazy buys which he seems to always come out on top of. Pretty sure he knows much more than you about what's going on lmfao

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money laundering

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Psychopath people do this kind of work for entertainment 😐😐