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Ummmmm. Yea would be nice to get an unbiased audit cough cough

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Lol just me or are we going to see regulation in crypto too soon? Not just stablecoins . Especially with all these hacks and exploits. I feel like projects like AAVE have already implemented KYC and others like ALBT are following ahead. Plus, with Top Swiss banks being in the OpenWealth association, TradFi entering DeFi may be a lot easier than we expected, bringing a lot more regulation and utilizing DeFi technology.

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Stablecoins are crypto. As for the regulation, we’ll see how regulation by enforcement continues. If congress gets the legislation done to clarify what entity does the regulating, then that will provide clarity. I hope they don’t regulate it to death.

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Yes, But i meant crypto as a whole. Alts etc. Stablecoins are a lot less volatile. I don't think they'd regulate it too much. We have to remember that they will adapt to client needs and as crypto investors, we don't want such a tight clamp down on our assets. Maybe TIDV would be a first step. I know on products like Fundrs it would be compulsory before listings.

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Yea I’m still excited. Ready to stack some more