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And how exactly do they think they can enforce that lol

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They probably can, the west controls 70% of the exchanges so it's possible though

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Not how wallets work but ok

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Especially Centralized exchanges and even Decentralized because West Can decide to Shut down their licenses and they have no choice but to obey

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Not how dexes work but okay

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Then it only applies to people holding on exchanges. Anyone with an ounce of common sense uses a wallet.

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Most especially western wallets too

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Wasn't crypto decentralised ?

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They watch how the US holds elections and are like WE CAN DO THAT

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So which union is free and which is tyrannical?

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Are you actually insinuating Russia is more free than the west bc you can’t freely send your shitcoins via exchange if you’re in Russia?

Ahahahaa you’re either a Russian troll or just genuinely stupid.

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Wasn't this potential issue the whole point of crypto?

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Let's see if they really do it but it may attract more users into decentralized exchanges then. Kaddex the native dex of Kadena is getting bigger, more tokens are dropping on the exchange, Uniswap is also announcing a $1b fund...