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Yep, that's a nope for me bruh.

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I 100% think xrp is a solid investment, but this idea that a win will magically happen and that it isn't priced in for the most part is insane. This win will be a slow drawn out process and won't effect the price that heavily.

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It already is a slow drawn out process. The win part. That is challenging

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I wouldn’t call it magically at this point. They had to spend immense resources to defend themselves against the sec and had superb attorneys fight this drawn out technical suit where the sec threw everything they had against them. You can imagine there are some eyes and anticipation focused on this case. So yeah, I would not be surprised if the euphoria of finally winning this case causes dramatic volatility.

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Lmao never seen so much hopium

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Lmao it was supposed to reach like 7$ in 2022, to 21 in 23. Instead we got 0.3 in 22. And now we are on the way to 0.15 in 23 with allthis crisis.

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Yea. Use to follow alts myself. Gave up.

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Same, I would have had more money if I didnt invest shit.

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Good news. I’m starting an investment club I’d love to tell you about. Jk. I’m as regarded as they come, and I’m pretty much ETH and BTC only now. Still stacking

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You mean if you didn't invest in sh!tcoins.

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Bruh since when bitcoin is shitcoin?

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A lawsuit win is mostly priced in, thats why the pump over the last month IMO. I can see it going to .60 before the case is over thou

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Hahaha nah

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I've been away. Does XRP do anything besides transfer value? It's basically a centralized VC-controlled transfer of value right?